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you're welcome

You do have to be 13 in order to legally have a discord (or itch for that matter) account due to privacy laws though. I won't report you or anything, but it's probably best not to tell the world you went against the terms and conditions you signed when creating this account.

We are past 100 members now! Hooray!

I kinda wish there was something at the beginning that showed me what a duck was vs what a goose was, other than that, pretty good for being made in 3 hours!

Great game, but the dragons collision box could be tuned up a bit

I ruined everything. 10/10.

Oof Unity doesn't disable default keyevents, so pressing ctrl and w at the same time closes the page...

very hard game = good

Great little game! A couple small bugs, like when the counter gets above 20 it doesn't format well to the box like it used too, and the carrying of the player with the moving platforms could have been smoother, and I think the background could have used a bit more clutter (I know its hard in one bit) but I think overall the game was very well put together! Congrats on submitting!

Tbh the camera ruined the whole experience for me... The movement skrewed up all the controlls and it was always either too slow or too fast for what I was trying to do

Please add up and down movement to the characters... This is unusable without them...

Great game, reminds me a lot of the sonic games.  Too short though, I wanted more levels!!!

Yeah, that's why I put a big "THIS GAME IS NOT DONE YET" in the description XD.  I mostly did a lot of engine work during the jam and was limited in time. Thank you for playing my game though, it means a lot to me!

Had a great time! Just couldn't figure out how to fight off the wolves once they came.  I felt like as soon as they came it was game over.

I loved the game! My only wish was that the chug chug you made when you were underground was a bit quieter and lined up with the background music. My OCD was killing me when the chug chug was a little late and slow XD.

it takes a while to load the images and stuff.

I loved the game, but the jump height seemed random at times, and at first I didn't know there were bad guys so I just free fell into the arms of a demon ig. lol. the display (web view) was too big for my monitor (1440x900) even when full screened, and I wish the camera was zoomed out a bit. That being said, this was a very impressive accomplishment for only 2 dudes in 48 hours. Congrats to both of you, I had a great time playing it.

I'd also like to know

Thank you for playing!  I forgot to make the spit disappear, so you could make a wall of spit and then never see the enemies again, and the overload of gameobjects in unity are probably at fault for the lag... I'm really glad you enjoyed it!