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Any Games You Want Reviews On?

A topic by Nicktonyous created Jul 26, 2022 Views: 840 Replies: 17
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Hi! I've played a good amount of games from here and have already made commentary videos about said games on YouTube. (Playlist will be on the bottom)
If you have a game (any game (seriously ANY game) will do) and want me to play it and rate it, let me know here or on my channel!

Nicktonyous on YouTube Plays!


If you don't mind a bit of reading and some choose-your-own-adventure weirdness, I'd be happy to get your thoughts on The Bunny Hill Horror or its sequel, Bunny Hill Horror: Bunny Boiler!

Redaxium 2 demo could use a review.

Thanks Nicktonyous!

Hey man. If you could check out my game wintercoffin that would be awesome thanks!!

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I may not have any games but what I do have is a tool I’ve been working on for a while. The tool is used to remove any useless files off of your device and I would really appreciate any feedback you could give to me on this tool.


Hello! I have lots of retro way videogames. Some games are made in C++ SDL2. Some games are in QBasic64, FreePascal. Visual Basic. So i have many retro stuff.

So you can check website:


Hey! I'm a completely self learned game developer for roughly 3 years. I was an engineering student transferred into IT and game development was what made me transfer work sectors. I didn't get into the game development course I wanted in school but I continued to self learn anyway.

This project here is a game I made while on my down time after school hours and it is one of my more stable and polished games and I would greatly appreciate you making a review about it. Thank you!

It’s an older game of me but if you want you may review it. I haven’t got many people want to review this properly.

It is a more retro styled platformer but could be fun.


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I was wondering if there was any chance you could review my game  Its pretty short, but I hope you enjoy it.


Hi Nick!

I have a boss rush game called Robz Rush . I need more reviews for this game so I can do better in the future :).

Enjoy the game!

Hi, Nicktonyous!!!

If you play 2D games. I offer my performance:

Hello. Please review my silly fangame if you'd like. 

It's ever in development. :)

looking for early game testing and feedback

I made a game that it's kind of hard, so far i think no one on earth (except me) has beaten it, if you could try to beat it (it usually takes me about 45 minutes to complete) that would mean a lot to me

Hunting Season by LuisAlarconGames (

Hi! I made a game called Molegan's Quest for the Brackeys Jam 2023.2! During the jam I updated the game based on player feedback. Molegan's Quest is an action platformer with a cryptic story hidden beneath the surface. I hope you like it :)



"If you have a game (any game (seriously ANY game)"


You truly need not review my project but perhaps

you will enjoy it's vibe

it has no goal or plot, you cannot

find things or win. You walk around

and when you are bored press escape

and it's over!

This is our first completed videogame: it is named Chyrkyan Trial I. Fuga dai DOOM Labs (Escape from DOOM Labs), it's a 3D CG pre-rendered 2D puzzle game where you play as an alien trying to free her companions and escape a space station by solving a lot of random mini-games.

The game is in Italian, but we've set in-game English captions and a translated User Guide.

can you review the writing in

IMO it has a very unique idea, but I want to see how well it was executed...