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Thank you so much! :D

Usually you'll hear a sound cue when you've damaged an enemy (and none if your bullet is destroyed for e.g. by the front drill of the bore tank) but I think having a more visual way to represent the damage taken sounds more intuitive. I'll be sure to add that.

Aw alright.

I too would like to know of this.

Pretty Good

Hi I was wondering if it will be available in English as well

Hey! Overall a nice prototype. Sniping felt kind of nice especially with the scope tilt.

Yes its quite buggy. Especially vaulting. Some weapons not having any bullets, mouse sens too high and some recoil a bit too extreme but nice prototype anyway.

Movement feels nice

Hey! The balancing was spot on. I managed to get all the way to the end. Super cool boss. Felt more fun to play this time around.

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eyy keep it going. hope sound and visual effects update are coming soon. poison was fun to play with.

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Hey! Quick heads up. in the Player Settings -> Publishing Settings -> Compression Format. Set it to GZip and then rebuild the game for WebGL.

 The game isn't running properly on the web.

Hey! Just a quick heads up.

Try zipping all of the files that unity gave when building the game. It seems like the game is not starting up properly.

This was quite fun to play. Simple game about connecting nodes and math. Hope to see more user feedback like particles when a node is connected and some sound effects.

Also, the last level "Replay" and "Level Select" buttons did not work for me. 

Other than that, nice game!

Hey! This is a nice game. Reminded me of Bloons TD battles card mode.

I thought that the text on the card was a bit too small to read and I felt that I should be able to see the range of the tower while placing them down and not after.

But overall i found the card designs quite nice. Hope to see more improvements!

Nice game! It is a bit hard to grasp certain mechanics at first because it is not really what I would think is possible. Maybe some hint or some kind of description like writings on the wall to kind of guide how to complete each room

Thanks for the feedback, yeah In the end I wanted to have lots of varying tasks pop up.

Looking back now, the voice-over does actually override the creative side of conveying a story with no text.  Seems like I needed to drink more coffee when coming up with this game. Thank you!

was waiting for a comment like this. thank you

No. A story is not required. Just have no text in your games. The devs do however recommend incorporating some form of story into the game.

I think the nice part was the little cutscenes. Great game! 

A great game overall. Though I think you should have more purpose to the little device we're given. I didn't really see its purpose that much since I can count how many I've collected in my head. Sound wise could use a little touch too. When the robot is near, found it a little too jarring of a transition. After figuring out the robot doesn't really chase, I didn't get scared afterwards.

Great game overall. 👍 

Although the idea was not original, still a good game. 👍

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No Unfortunately not. However, displaying numbers are allowed so if your score is numeric, go ahead

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[Edit] Unfortunately it says that your whole game cannot have text according to the discord

Awesome game. Easy to master after a while. Recommend y'all trying it out!

Eyy, thank you so much!! I'll go and rate yours

Hey! thanks for doing this! really appreciate it!

Spooky warning!:

Thank you!

Eyy, thank you so much for taking the time to play. I'll take note of the mouse sensitivity in the next update. Thanks for all the compliments!


I think with a few tweaks and cranks this game would have potential or potench as the GMTK people call it. Great work.

That's a long name for your game! XD Nonetheless, nice work.

Hey, this is pretty cool.

Nice attempt!

Nice Attempt!

Nice Attempt!

Hey, I think it's pretty neat. I think you should practice more on graphics to compliment your game more. 

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You know what, this is a great idea. Having to only be able to see the ghost when using the ability and making it invisible to the naked eye does give it a more scarier feeling. I should have done that. Thank you so much for this recommendation. I'll update the game to have this feature.

When making the ghost, I had no idea how to go about it and instead just added a fresnel material to it.

Thanks for doing this my guy. ;)

Spooky warning:

Spooky warning:

Spooky warning hehe: