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Here's a video I found useful for this! Hope this helps

Great game for a first. Unfortunately I was unable to see my character because its all the way to the left and out of screen. I'm speculating it's because my monitor screen is 16:10 so there are some canvas scaling issues on your end.

Could you point me in the direction of how you beat the Nagi boss

Is it me or is the path simply just way too long to zoom back in time. The timer sets back so fast. As fast as me leaving the room itself.

Nevermind it appears shooting it with the lightning bolt did the tric

must be doing something wrong then. It was too far for me

How does one beat this puzzle?

A great fun little game to educate people on the pollution of the beaches and the wildlife in the sea.

Hey! I'm a completely self learned game developer for roughly 3 years. I was an engineering student transferred into IT and game development was what made me transfer work sectors. I didn't get into the game development course I wanted in school but I continued to self learn anyway.

This project here is a game I made while on my down time after school hours and it is one of my more stable and polished games and I would greatly appreciate you making a review about it. Thank you!

Heyo! Sorry to hear that you've experienced that bug.

We currently aren't really sure why this is happening but we hope that you've still enjoyed the game.

The desktop version is available if you'd still like to see what it's like. 

Thank you for the feedback. 

Yeah it seems like there was a problem with the WebGL build of it. Sorry to hear that you've experienced that bug. 

If you are still up for it, you could try the desktop version of it. :D

Thank you so much! 😄

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Ey, thanks a lot man! We greatly appreciate it

Thank you for your kind words. Yeah the bumping into newly spawned enemies was something that we tried to mitigate by reducing the spawn area but a wider field of view seems much more intuitive.  

Thank you!

Hi! We are sorry to hear that. Could you try the desktop version instead?

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Not bad.

I thought the game was a little hard in the beginning because there isn't really time to prepare.

I like that there are newer enemies as you progress and the old enemies slowly get stronger.

The towers do need a description so that you kinda get the main idea of what it's role is.

With possibly a better UI design, this could turn out looking good.

Other than that, it's a nice game.

Puzzle Jump 2 community · Created a new topic Not bad

Hey! This actually isn't bad. I bet with a few more tutorials and experience, you'll be able to make even better parkour games!

I am really really happy that you are enjoying the game!

Your comments regarding the game is greatly appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to notice and write these down.

- The entire map generation is dependent on a single number so yes 'Set Seed Generation' is definitely possible and I will put it in the game.

- Slime enemies are by design one of the more irritating units to deal with in the game and besides spamming Torches, there isn't a real way to take them down. A targeting system would really help and I think that's a very good suggestion. (My dad has been malding over the slimes LOL)

- The sell button taking up the entirety of the window is something I will rectify ASAP. I agree that it's painful to deal with unintentionally selling the tower and losing money.

- I recently optimized the map gen so it loads faster than normal. I will add another prompt before entering the actual game so you can read them.

Thank you once again for everything you've done. :D

Holy shit. Thank you so much for the support.

Ah, it seems I missed out the UI scaling issue. Thank you for letting me know! Also thank you for always play-testing my games. Means a lot to me.

Thank you so much! :D

Usually you'll hear a sound cue when you've damaged an enemy (and none if your bullet is destroyed for e.g. by the front drill of the bore tank) but I think having a more visual way to represent the damage taken sounds more intuitive. I'll be sure to add that.

Aw alright.

I too would like to know of this.

Pretty Good

Hi I was wondering if it will be available in English as well

Movement feels nice

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Hey! Quick heads up. in the Player Settings -> Publishing Settings -> Compression Format. Set it to GZip and then rebuild the game for WebGL.

 The game isn't running properly on the web.

This was quite fun to play. Simple game about connecting nodes and math. Hope to see more user feedback like particles when a node is connected and some sound effects.

Also, the last level "Replay" and "Level Select" buttons did not work for me. 

Other than that, nice game!

Nice game! It is a bit hard to grasp certain mechanics at first because it is not really what I would think is possible. Maybe some hint or some kind of description like writings on the wall to kind of guide how to complete each room

Thanks for the feedback, yeah In the end I wanted to have lots of varying tasks pop up.

Looking back now, the voice-over does actually override the creative side of conveying a story with no text.  Seems like I needed to drink more coffee when coming up with this game. Thank you!

was waiting for a comment like this. thank you

No. A story is not required. Just have no text in your games. The devs do however recommend incorporating some form of story into the game.

I think the nice part was the little cutscenes. Great game! 

A great game overall. Though I think you should have more purpose to the little device we're given. I didn't really see its purpose that much since I can count how many I've collected in my head. Sound wise could use a little touch too. When the robot is near, found it a little too jarring of a transition. After figuring out the robot doesn't really chase, I didn't get scared afterwards.

Great game overall. 👍