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This is pretty cool. Even if you don't have a lot of time or desire to continue right now, do consider keeping it up for a bit longer in the future.

Children should be supervised by their parents for what they play online as a basis.

I see what you mean now. Well.. maybe he just fell into an influencer's spiel and ended up doing something that everyone else is doing. That's a pretty common thing in the world nowadays. People simply don't like being challenged and admit they're wrong about things, and that's entirely normal for better or worse. 

It sounds to me like that person just wanted to be right and agree with what the Youtube video said. Even if a bunch of people were to tell them what the fuck was wrong, he'd still bunker down and call them all names rather than argue and accept he was wrong. It sucks that a game from a genre you like didn't come to pass, but maybe the dev just wasn't enjoying what he was making and a Binding clone is something he likes to do best. My own game was going to be a Zelda-like ARPG before I gave up on finding assets for it and settled with a platformer, which then also went through a cycle of rebuilding from scratch. Devs do what devs think it's best, and sometimes the world agrees. Sometimes, it doesn't.

MBA has recently done a lot of overhauling of old mechanics and fixed a few more or less broken things, namely the jumping system and the berry collection which were simply dysfunctional at the start. There have been other accessibility issues fixed, like bosses that were just aggravating to beat and levels with excessive empty space.

I want to know what you like, don't like and just can't stand about this game! :D 

I don't really know what the games and items in question are, but I think if people really want to misuse terms there's no point in arguing with them and letting them any real estate in your thoughts. Definitions in terms of video game genres are extremely malleable anyway.

I confess I found the game a bit overcrowded with things. There's a lot of overlays and sounds. The graphics are well-drawn but the screen seemed to me like a blur of colors and I had a bit of trouble figuring out the controls at first. It felt a bit like I was fighting against the systems to win rather than playing a game.

Hello. Please review my silly fangame if you'd like. 

It's ever in development. :)

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Old screenshot.

You may want to consider if you want to keep the acceleration increase/decrease as it is or if you want to start off at full speed and end at full stop. Some people just want extremely tight controls and not want to deal with momentum nowadays. Generally though, I find that quick acceleration and break are best.

It's hard to give specific values without knowing what the flow of your game will be like. It should be as fast or as ponderous as the kind of experience you want to deliver.

Upon entering contact with any of the platforms mid-jump, I was able to reset the jumping and quadruple(!!) jump.

I liked the touch of the increased gravity on button release. It does remind me of older games I used to play involving hedgehogs and robots.

I didn't understand what coyote time(s) referred to.

Please add a crosshair or something. I had no idea the game had started until three Stans had flashed away and I was seeing red. 

Hello. I am looking for someone to work within the constraints of a specific artstyle for my fangame. This will range from creating props which I will provide instructions and reference material for, to working and improving upon existing props within the game. 

My Discord handle is HooKnowsHooMightIBee#4552

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Hello. I am looking for someone that is willing to work on commissions for very specific assets for my fangame. Creating these will be based on elements and memes that have arisen overtime during livestreaming. You do not have to watch thousands of hours of tape, however. I will be happy to give you screenshots of what I am seeking. This will be an ongoing, informal affair with no set time to end and no obligation to remain past the time you're willing to spend. My Discord handle is HooKnowsHooMightIBee#4552

Thank you for your interest, at the moment I have found several willing people to produce what I was looking for. 

Hello there. Are you interested in a partnership in development of this game? I wouldn't mind assisting in another project on my spare time and I've almost concluded the first big stage of the project I'm on as it is.

Hello. I am having a small issue with my game's web version in that the BGM stutters between scenes loading. This is especially noticeable between resource-intensive scenes that can take a few seconds to load. The downloadable version does not have this issue, and I've had feedback that this is not noticeable in some setups. 

I would like to ask you if you've faced this problem in your own projects and if so I would humbly request that you shared your solution. Thank you. 

Kronii has frozen time and turned the Bunkeronii into a deadly fortress! Why is Mumei inside? Why did Kronii freeze time? Why are there so many Ollies and Crowniis? And where's Friend? The answer to some of these questions is inside the game!

This is a Hololive fangame made for the event of Nanashi Mumei's birthday date. The game is a platformer drawing freely from an older era of challenging video games with simple to learn, hard to master mechanics, as such there is very little handholding and the game's mechanics can appear clunky and unintuitive at first. But practice makes perfect. And you get to see a lot of funny facts about owls and the Hololive Universe when you die, so it's all good!

Although this will officially release soon, it is still very much playable from beginning to end. It will continue to be expanded and improved upon, as much as time allows me to dedicate to work on it. 

Playable in download format as well as browser at :


Hello, is it alright if I modify these assets? I wanted to use white foxes for an area of my game .

Where is the purchase button in this page? I wanted to use this asset pack for my project.