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Bugs/Typos/Suggestions Sticky

A topic by Orveia created Jun 14, 2022 Views: 4,395 Replies: 65
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To help reduce some clutter, this will now function as the official place to post bugs, typos and suggestions on itch. Thanks, guys!

The whole loading system isn't working...
Here's the traceback


Well that's... odd o-O

Thanks for posting it, I'll look to a fix right now. Does ignoring it work?


Ope, I found it. Recompiling now and will upload shortly. Thanks again for the traceback!


Update: Fixed and uploaded. :)

A pretty simple suggestion: Mention that the feral switch can be found in preferences during the tutorial fight. You're fighting a wolf, and you end up using seduce on it regardless of that setting, so I imagine that's part of what keeps confusing people.


I have an idea for future builds to solve the problem, but thanks for the suggestion :)

Would it be okay to suggest sexual position (top or bottom) options for the people of Mardoc (which I'm assuming will be love interests)? If there are going to be repeatable sex scenes, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have those options. If there aren't repeatable scenes, it would still be a good idea imo.

Another thing that comes to mind is being able to be more submissive towards enemies? Right now the options are to either ride or fuck them, asking them to fuck you could be good. 

If this isn't in your plans though, that's okay! 

In terms of equipment, the cape of outlaws doesn't show on the character. Will there eventually be art of the accessories and stuff or no?


Hey, thanks for the feedback!

In order:

I plan for all (or at the very least, most) of the guys to be vers, as I don't want to content-lock your favorite guy with conflicting positions. The first three CGs will be varying positions, and then future scenes will be voted on by Patreon subscribers.

For the enemies, the "Submit" option was put there as a means to do what you're asking, so I had never really considered choosing to be submissive in the victory options. I'll think of something for the future :)

For the equipment, yes, there will be art in the future. The Outlaw Cape was pushed out early because I intended to use it in a quest, but I pushed the quest back a bit.

Why does the game constantly crash on my phone? Good thing for autosaves :)


Hmmm, it shouldn't.

I've not received other reports of it, at least. What's the model of your phone if you don't mind me asking. I'll take a look into it :)

My phone is a samsung a11 

(SM-A115F/DS) with the latest update (A115FXXS2BVD2)

You may want to add the "visual novel" tag, as it is a renpy game. I feel like it'll get a lot more traffic as that's what renpy enthusiasts look for.


That's a good idea, I appreciate the suggestion! :)


Mint doesn't appear under what the otter drops when you fight him. 

Deleted post

Thanks for reporting that. I'll get a fix out for it tomorrow.

I miss this scene, it seems you have to uneqip it in order to have the option


I noticed that while fixing the original bug, but thank you for mentioning it! Both are fixed, and I just uploaded 0.5.1 :)

If you craft the torch once, there's no way to know what materials you need, so if you need a refresher there's no way to get one


That's a good point. The torches existed before the crafting system, so I might just move them over to that instead.  Thanks for bringing that up.

(Also, if you're wondering, it's one log, one pitch, one moss!)

Yes I was thank you

Other than that I don't know how to craft the ingots, I got 12 steel, but how do I turn them to inggots?


If you have steel, that's already an ingot. You can't craft anything with them yet, but there are some quests that might ask for some.

The steel itself is made from one piece of coal and one piece of iron. Currently, the only way to find a coal source is from doing the Stealing Steel side-quest and choosing to give the stolen goods to the Outlaw.

In the coming days of the next release, I'm going to be working on a wiki to help keep things like this concise. There's a lot of forked pathing and it might not always be as clear as I'd like. :P


I'm caught up in my head way too much and I know the story is ongoing. But this messed me up so bad that I actually had to create an account just to say something.

The Main Character/Tom Bestfriend's time jump hurt me within such a short amount of time lol. Tom may have turned into a older hot stud but he created a whole life without the Main Character. Remember, the Main Character shows up and the best friend he literally knew a few moments ago is effectively gone. Tom being on somewhat good terms with this makes sense as he had many years to deal with it and even some other characters even mention his grieving period. 

But if I was the Main Character, especially if I had a crush on my bestfriend when I was younger (aka potentially a few days ago), and got thrown into a future realty where my life long Best Friend is openly disclosing long ago relationships/adventures/exploits or even potentially new friendships would have killed me. Why? Cause we essentially went from hanging-out-all-the-time best buddies to a totally different dynamic.

I mean the Main Character I had going is a full on hoe - but MAN this storyline still hurt. If they had more discussions or realizations on this - it could definitely be more of a bittersweet romance-dynamic. Tom can still have whatever personality he has cause he dealt with it 15 years ago (maybe he is more into a daddy-role now who knows) I was just shocked the Main Character didn't express this more than what's there currently. I know the whole game is supposed to be *hot* but there is a real heartfelt story there, shit had me reeling.


Hey, sorry about the wait. I'm honored that you made an account and everything for that! (and I hope you see this so hopefully it adds some context :P)

So, a little important side-note of mine was that I don't want to assume what you're feeling as the player. Someone else might read that and think of it in a totally different way, maybe even different than both of our interpretations. I've been trying to carefully keep things vague enough so as to stay true to that.

But on another note, you make great points! Maybe I might make a little side quest that dives a little deeper into the dynamic shift. Thank you for mentioning it. :)

(5 edits) (+1)

Bug in 0.5.1. Quest Log > Fishing For Troublemakers: after talking to the Outlaw's Friend and then Rohan at the village, the log reads:

  • Check out the south-west river for the outlaw's friend
  • Find a fishing rod for the outlaw)
  • (Optional) Have Rohan craft it, req: ...

The second option should not have the closing parenthesis at the end.

Bug in 0.5.1. Quest Log > Achievements > Build 0.3: having all but "Get caught in a trap" completed (before triggering "Help with a crime") displays "Build 0.3" progress bar as entirely completed even though its subsection of "Outlaws" is not.

Typo in 0.5.1. Quest Log > Tales by the Fire: "Rohan is ... to relieve som stress"---missing an 'e' in "some".

Suggestion. Now that there are extra visuals for opponents with high Lust levels, I'm looking forward to having similar ones for the main character :^)


Thanks you! I'll get these implemented into the new builds. :)

Hey, no worries. And thank you for the mention in release notes: that was a (pleasant) surprise given my (insignificant) level of contribution :^)


No problem! There were some larger errors as well that it tipped me onto, I just didn't mention them. So it was a big help!

(1 edit)

In version 0.6, it seems the first companion(Finn/Rohan/Myaun) in town attack always doesn't return the outlaw Shirt and sometimes doesn't return the jockstrap. Those equipment transfer to Ash.


Hmm that's strange, thanks for reporting it!

(1 edit)

If you part with Finn in town attack, Flint will take care the bar. But there seems a flag is missing, you will repeat the conversion "You know Finn would kill you....Alrght. What do ya' want?" again and again when Enter the Inn, Go to the bar, Talk then finish talking with Flint,  Leaving the bar, After Look around


Thanks for reporting that! I lost some files between the patreon and public version, and thought I patched that. It'll be patched in the next patch-update. :)

This is occurring on Android 6.0 ver. I am hanging around the tavern at night and repeatedly hanging around the bar and it will suddenly kick me to the main menu. I think this is because I am getting a bugged RNG event. I've been getting Finn's event very often, I'm getting the Bear couple, guess the gamble event, and talk to various bar patrons. I've also gotten Rohan's event a few times but haven't since the apology event and I also got Thomas' event once.

Also, Flint appeared in the tavern in an early scene in which I haven't even visited the forest, but I don't have more details than that.

Hey, So I finished the "Stealing Steel" quest and gave the bag of steel to rohan and then told the bandits the truth and then the bag of steel choice goes away in forest area. But for some reason after going to a different area and going back the choice comes back for some reason.

Thanks for making so many updates, I'm having too much fun.

I did have a bit of trouble figuring out how to move on with (Keep an eye on Mardoc) maybe I missed a hint, but I actually had to watch someone else to find the right way to do it (could 100% just be me, but maybe a an extra line of dialogue to help understand the specific trigger would be helpful?).

A couple questions about story progress and achiev'os: I'm playing 0.6

I asked a certain flirty smith out on a date, but can't seem to find an event trigger, will that be in a new update?

The 0.5 achievement for (prepared for ...) hasn't been checked off even though I did all the optional ask for help quests and finished the boss.

And so now that I have a beautiful companion and cleared up everything except the aforementioned 0.5 achievement and I actually never found 0.2 hallucinating, is there anything else to do story-wise or should I just wait for more? Cause I'll be waiting, it's so fun, thank you!

when fiting the otters there is no enemy icon

I'm pretty sure this is known by the creators. I think it's just not ready yet, not a bug. I wanna see them, too, haha ^_^

I don't if it's a problem on my end, but anytime I try to download, it just stops working and says the download failed. Any idea on how to fix this?

Which version are you tying to download? Did it work for you yet? I was able to download both windows and android with no problems.

I finally got it to work this morning. I just had to delete some other files for more memory and restart my computer. 

Hello, I just saw that there was a problem with the confrontation with the otter, the character does not appear but the confrontation continues anyway.

I keep getting the bag of steel quest on repeat even though I've already done it.

Quite possible it's just repeatable. pretty easy way to get some money.

I ran into error when trying to load my most update save file here i full trace back:


Checking through the forums here and I must apologize, a lot of things weren't showing in my notifs!

This has been patched, though it won't be fixed until the next public update. Clicking "Ignore" won't cause any issues though and your save will be fine!

Ok thanks for letting me 👍

hello, when repair the cabin and i can choose options like sleep, rest, etc.. apears this error.


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/home.rpy", line 73, in <module>

AttributeError: type object 'companion' has no attribute 'lust'

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "home.rpyc", line 9, in script

  File "D:\JUEGOS\Orveia-0.7-win\renpy\", line 1903, in execute

    choice =, self.set, args, kwargs, item_arguments)

  File "D:\JUEGOS\Orveia-0.7-win\renpy\", line 976, in menu

    condition = renpy.python.py_eval(condition)

  File "D:\JUEGOS\Orveia-0.7-win\renpy\", line 1092, in py_eval

    return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)

  File "D:\JUEGOS\Orveia-0.7-win\renpy\", line 1085, in py_eval_bytecode

    return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)

  File "game/home.rpy", line 73, in <module>

AttributeError: type object 'companion' has no attribute 'lust'

Windows-10-10.0.22000 AMD64


Orveia 0.7

Mon Feb  6 14:20:47 2023



Hello. Another missed notification, I apologize! This should already be fixed, I'm just replying to say thank you for reporting it. :)

I try masturbate and it errors, says companion has no attribute lust


Hey, there's a patch out for this now. Just update to 0.7.1 :)

The imposter quest have some error (or unthought situation), you can skip asking Tom to ask Myaun in the second round detain, and he will show you how to interrogate himself

Also, it maybe not error but after the first round detain, you can  directly choose anyone to be the second round target without searching cue.

And as expected, the situation happened in third round, skip Tom and go to the General store, it say you see Myaun lays unconscious. However Flint will wake up there instead.


Yeah those are definitely a problem, even though I found it super funny :P

Thanks for reporting it! I'll get it fixed up in the next round of patches :)

If this turn out to have cuckold, cuckold-related or vore, soft-vore, scat or hard-sissy content as unavoidable fetish, I'm gonna be really sad since there is no bestiality for the dog to compensate. The game is good it would be a sin to ruin it. I also suggest more interactions with the dog like hugging him or praise him or take him to a walk and since there are some incidents like cum and piss on the floor at home (I mean only my dog do that?) to clean it (this could be a choice with the ability to train him to not do that) and also I suggest companions to be more interactive during the playthrough expecially the dog they seem like they do not exist if not for a button. than maybe some times we should be able to clean his fur (this could be an excuse to build a bath in that house and have scenes with it) If i have more suggestion i'll do another comment in this section


Hello there. Any included fetishes will be entirely optional and can be skipped. I will confirm that there will be no scat, and no beastiality with Saint (MC's Dog/Wolf).

Interactions with Saint are intentionally limited at the moment, and will remain wholesome for the time being, as he will have some story content down the road where his character will be expanded. I will see about more options like hugging though. :)

Whenever I click "Nothing Else" after talking with Hanok, it doesn't let me leave the conversation. But I can still use the map to get out of the River area


Thank you for reporting that! It is already patched, but won't be fixed until the next version releases.

I was completing Chasing Shadows and spoke to Bruno for the first time. I had my Moon Charm equipped, and my character said "I don't have it anymore."

One reload and unequip later, things are working fine. Might I suggest ensuring the game detects if the Moon Charm is equipped?

In the beach scene with  Finn, when the sexual stuff starts happening its mentioned that he has balls even though he's depiced with slit and a tapered shark dick

Otters are invisible.

Hanok can still be accessed in the Clearing after he moves to Eastbrook.

add cheat codes

Hi I just discovered the game here and I love it and the problems with the other thingy is solved but now the same thing happens with the Crow's art 😅 I mean you still can interact with him but if you cannot see him, it kinda kills the vibe a bit, I guess y'all are working on it, i have programmer friends so i know programming is hard, im just letting you know i found a bug 💕