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its been 2 years its dead

is this nfw or nsfw

this is just the the jungle book with  mowgli and he is with wolfs yep the jungle book lol

can you put it ther i would pay 5 bucks

wen will it be out

is it on steam?

its good but i want to see more dun with them and idk 30 years is a long time make it 5 even that is much but they would still feal close they can be the same age but idk they ware not close for 30 years its a bit much in 30 years ppl move on or change for a one off its ok but if you do more with them make it less i love the story and art its good for a one off but ill like to see more with them like slice of life stuff

its the same i have it

what the fuck is the valt pasword i cant ask the capton

cant wate 100 days untul the next one lol but i can wate but the srory is soo good i allways want more i love the slow pace i cant wate 2 see more of the world also i am geting some Et tu, Brute? i think the human is fucked af wen he gets back

is this nsfw

with cheat codes

put it on steam

the full game is 2 hard give me mor helth and all one hitor cheets 2 seee the porn

yep pep yeper

its good but you could add a tips kind of thing  ware you can get upgrades and  sexy toys and outfits to make each day less makes it with 30s or 1 min you could do it in less time and upgrade your house and move up in the being the ceo

thats it you winn?

also are ther cheets 4 the gane i love cheeting in singil player games

i just got the joke of the games name cus he is a trash panda lol

same i want it

going to get it wen the cvs open

take my cash  i want to buy it ther

can i buy it on steam?  i am ok with paying 10 bucks 4 it

i am just saying to not post the update on the same day as  Far Beyond the World its biggeryou can say you dont like it  or its not good but its a biger vn  so it will take most of  people's attention your vn is good but  is still  growing you dont have to do what i say but just giveing  my opinion

downvoted my self srry

oh srry thx 4 the heds up

dont post a story up date fbtw is out soon uplode it a bit after

in spencers the night sky but is low rez and the aspect ratio is bad i think its from a old Build

it says Release date for chapter 2 --> Late July/Mid August.

lol mc he is dead i am calling it 

the demon is the best pick he hot he shy he is  dom and he the dragon demon king or god and he a good demon

if i was the human ill know that i mite be dead so if i am going to die ill wake him and say  this can you knot kill me? i die how i want

kicked the bosses ass can you add a way to skip the boss in the good end cus u cant save at the end that or add chets i love em and can you do wolfs next they work in packs and wen ther are wolfs ther is no why you can knot have fun

good story love how we did not stay in side for like 10 ch what vn would do that lol jk i love fbtw but its slow i love the world in this vn and idk if the demons can hurt ppl but can human i love how cool the human is but i want to see what he is  heman shel as a back up that they used for the dna (cum) or a back up that did not boot right so they culd find the cure but never die and stay human cant wate

plz put on steam

i did not get this idk y

how do i get diamonds?

wen can i play it

click on his mouth

the mc wen his dad trys to kill his bf