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magnus looking cute af

no wolf man?

the sun gives life and the moon makes you stronger can fuse 2 or the wolf in you each world is dif but most of the same but the sun hates the undead parasites that are the blood drinker but ther stronger they are the less they can do

why is the wolfs back after 400 ish years the fail safe duh on a scholar eclipse the power of the warewolf or wolf god  hits the feral wolf to hide it its takes years to have a anthro wolf but the feral hide more and have more human like thing like being alive as long as a anthro  and small stuff idk how ppl dont get this

no no your right i am dislexic  and sux at spelling

so Elijah and Tremor is it going to be just them "fighting" each outher or are outher ppl 2?

if some one dose do a story like thator a isekai  i want one ware we have it go like futurama fry we see it thro his eyes the mc knows who they are can be op but not know how to use it like us but do stuff that is mundane but the world is cool

so stuff u can do in the story just dont mind it  was thinking how your going to tell us how its not a chat but chat bots can go down a list even if the list is big its just that but a  ai can think i cant wate 4 you to tell us what kind of ai it is and how it got to be

i love how in the story they are like WoW look how primitive they are they use more then one color 

current objective survive

wen you get in to a furry world / vn and your not op have no way to help and are useless and have no cool powers and are just a macguffin for the story 

dumb you have gold why not mine it do you think its fools gold its not if you do want to make it diff just have the human save the wolf from geting shot by geting shot have the wolf get him pached up with his tools the hunt not going well and him not bring back food made them want kill him the human from tribe or earth sees this and saves him but gets shot the outher wolf did not see if he got him as a diff wolf went to get him it was soon to be dark me could be a vet or doctor or the wolf tells him what to do they could go to cave or to the humans city  at the cave they hide in the cave his dad has some food ther for hunting but its under a rock so bugs and outher stuff cant get it they hide ther then the story gos on from ther the city old time city with way less ppl as new keep them safe in it ther are outher kind of furrys the  wolfs in his village are seen as not primitive but more like as the druids not as much now but some still see them as a good grop could have them use magic or blessing this is all  just my rambling

in the story with the ai thing if you want to have some fun it could have thes 3 ways the bots are made 1 they took a copy of the pathey ways the mind made and youed that to make the ai so they are human 2 have the ai mind be based of of real furrys from space ther minds and teck why saw how sad we are so wanted to help in ther world  ai and  furrys and the same 3 they are the furrys mind but to see how they would be to them the ai are not ai and have ther real minds ones with no partners if it gos well they wold mix with us 

ai the ai we use is like evolution we make this thing try one thing over and over then it can do the thing but what if wen doing the thing it thinks rn we are makeing microorganisms but soon they will grow and like evolution who knows what it wold be a good slave or kil it self and all its kind and all teck if nice if not all life if they get like that onley ai can stop ai hope in the box

if i was in Lustful Desires world ill need the cheats or ill wont last long

but sir ther is no path i have to kill the slavers

how do i get out of the town?

fuck just add more cheat codes ones to skip to the end one to get all achievement  or all art / sex stuff and op like 100 all stats one shot them all well 100 all but lust make it ez to just run past old bits and fun stuff but have all the in the cheat codes settings or if u have it a debug mode ware u r god and can do it all

hard cock caff is better

cant downlode it

but may it is not june it is

time travel!

fuck u and your min games i hated the surf bord one was a pane in the ass have a skip for them i redid the game and not a fan

can we downlode it or not yet 

The dude that can take over the bar  and land is he evil or what i cant tell the game was that dude on the ship is a pirate and i was like naaa so now i dont know what to do who to side with is he going to help is he evil plz help

what if i just press the skip button wont that just let me play the game or dose it bug out

Going to play it later after geting teeth x-ray

in the vn

are you a human or a wolf?

wen is the next free update? just want a ballpark like 2023 or 2025

fucking hate that i rember that

but your art looks soo fucking good and i can tell just from what we seen your writing is good its like seeing a home made meal get made and your hungry drooling waiteing to bite in to it

3 years and no demo is this hlf3 but 4 real wen it drop my guss apr from  the  i just want to play it

yo same

(1 edit)

if yor arthers pup dose that count as dateing him and lock you out of the outher creators or is it just you 2 haveing fun and if thats not in can you still date outher creators

how di i play the dragon slayer game?

thank yo so much <3

how how how you must tell me!! my dude was like no dont hunt me i have a job telll me!!!!!!!!!!!!

have you added wolf men yet like the one at the bar you cant bang!!!!!