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cant wate :)

its ok its  but if its not much work wen your fucking can you make it so wen you cum you can cum in em and not pull out  as a toggl or  somthing

can you get fucked by the ferals yet?

oh thx

so one of the ppl is ace? idk ther are like 3 flags that are purple

is it usd the U.S. dollar?


Nocturne community · Created a new topic cash much

bro 3 3 trillion is a lot 3 mill you good 3 3 trillion you can buy  the city with that much is that the right amount?



i wish they found earth 

ill pay for the same demo on steam

its soon 2 be the end of may but take your time 

game is ruff but good

thx it worked

cool wen can we play it?

its not working on windows

well i still want it on steam ill pay 10 bucks its a good and i want it ther

like 15 days and i cant pick who i want 2 date

all that was just vol 1

i love femboy doms big or small cocks super hot

the gore was way to much the wolf mans dick is way 2 big also is ther discord i like the cool bit ware they cut up the monsters but the gore with human 2 much 

so hot but i want to see the blue male be dom

so wen will it be out its the 30 but on ich it said it was 28

i dont care for the outhers  i want the fox and wolf 2 date its been 7 years cut the pats and just do a story ware it shows the fox and wolf falling in love and it can go back and forth do it get it out do somthing els its been like 7 years my dude i love the story but you dont have the staff or cash for it do it now get it out show what you want cut the rest you have to maybe ppl that you can date that takes time that you could just use to show the story that is tbh good af like that bit ware they go to the apple place was so good show them lonely dont have them date outher ppl have em oupen up at the camp and date after and for what after have to deal with the stuff they have been pushing off like ther famley have the fox stop his job have them help him find a new one maybe the need the cash 4 rent and he thinks of doing his work but dus not like half life being on a track can be good and fun you let us see what you want us 2 see you i know ppl mite hate me for saying all this but i love the story i just think this would be best wiil they wont they is over dun and ill like to know is will they be ok and what will they do  srry 4 the rant

ther are not 

can they put it on steam i dont want to buy a demo here

with the bit ware i date shoichi the day b4 the oc and his bro go to school and talk abut how them and shoichi are dateing the next day the oc is like what how do you know did i read it worng or did it hapen its fine if it did just want 2 know

no no a Zearu move is to say it will be out on may 4th then it will be out on the 5th or one of the other thing that are going on

yo you doing ok?

build 9 it will be free one month after like norm right?  you did not say so in this update

just got 2 wate 1 more month then we know


i dont think ther will be a update

Wait. What the fuck is this Is this. French? I can't fucking read French

dinos are cuter and sexer make more of this plz

thx that red was like sum scp the more i locked the werder i felt

pplithe game is dead

its dead jim

i hate the red 4 the page u have my head plz fix