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First- I cannot get 32-bit to function I unzip and try to run the application and it just never opens...
Second- After I complete the first mission of taking out the trash the second mission never begins. I'm stuck in the small space with useless Holly, reading the text that the dirty dishes are stacked up but you'll leave that for later. It's done this in both downloaded app and in browser, and if YEET the trash or just take it out standardly

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YW and I understand the whole chaotic life thing... I am excited you are back on the project though. I actually wanted Sathanas route too so I'm glad that one is next. (What can I say I like BIG men and big dicks hopefully he has both for a double whammy of hotness. Not that he needs to be monstrously huge like Lucifer.)

I don't know what the set numbers are but I was at about 70% studies and Training while fully stretched (21/20 cm) when I got his good ending otherwise just be kind, understanding, protective, loyal, etc... And it is possible to be buy all the requirements, be fully stretched, 100% both grades and get the good ending. You don't need to do any side activities and I don't think you need to work either.

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As far as I can tell, Grim-Meow is one person doing this whole thing alone... So I say we get it when we get it cause I'm fairly sure they have other things to do aside from working on the game and the holiday season was not too long ago.

You could also consider become a Patreon Patron to get early access builds sooner. Sadly for broke people like me I got to wait.

No proof of skill, note I also have the whole writing thing... As far as compensation goes I would need to discuss it but I don't think it would necessarily be monetary.

Yeah Dad is a total hottie. I would totally be up for proofreading and possibly writing too but how would one ask when one has nothing behind them. 

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Probably some time today If you look at all the notes they are posted on the 16th of the month...

I expect Harold to be continued some and hopefully Darius he seems a bit behind the rest... I think they'll hold off on adding a Richard route until they complete Harold's. That's what they say in the FAQ.

This is helpful, thanks. I am still putting more time into this then I probably should but It's SOOOO good. I figured out what was wrong in my Chester route. I am almost to the end of Harold's route too. I love this so much and wish I could help. I'm flat broke but when I get some money I'm totally putting a healthy amount in. At least I can let you know that Harold's last few days need some official proofreading, I think someone was tired or something because a "to" became a "yo", this is in day 27-28 while in Harold's bedroom in Harold's line.

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[Review after a few hours of gameplay expect a few Spoilers]
I have played 3 of the 5 routes in full and halfway through a fourth and started the fifth.

Harold (Coach): I have only started his route, I find his personality cute but not his looks and I don't feel drawn by him as much as the others, though I like what I have read of his book.

Spencer: Love the whole [present] story and the way everything is handled, especially the dancing, except maybe Harold remaining alone while everyone else is pairing off. I actually kind of want to set him up with Professor Tai I mean this is the only route he appears in, if I am remembering correctly.

Darius: I find him very enjoyable, though I personally miss the whole getting Spence and him to make up bit, especially since the first time through I was trying to make us a trio.

Dozer: My favorite of the stories, I just love the depth even if I am not normally a Bear hunter. Though I do have a question, will you be updating the forest scene to match the new sprite better? 

Chester: Have not completed his route though I find him very fun. I keep running into a glitch (I think) during his shower scene where I can't make it progress because I said no to during the second visit to the nipples. I just loops the tip and biceps after everything else tells me nope. I have tried just skipping it but it breaks my flow and I just lose interest, feeling like I am missing out.

Suggestions: I am highly interested in Richard, Azaghal, and somewhat by Archibald the Librarian. I would love if they were romantic interests. Also if it is not a thing could we get Spencer and Darius in a 3-way relationship in Darius's route.

Question: Were you planning to make the 3 way a thing?

If I were to rank which route/characters I like Best to Least I think: Dozer, Spencer, Darius, Chester, Harold. Also can I just say I love Maria I think she should be named a Saint.

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I disagree with the getting in the way, though like yours it is just an opinion. In Spencer's route I think Darius is handled quite nicely leaving no room for anything painful I think, the I kind of wish Coach wasn't all alone. In Darius's route, Spence seems to have a thing for that hunky Tiger, though I have been trying my best to set up a 3some with Darius and Spencer especially after that kiss. I have not completed Chester's route because I keep running into that glitch in his shower scene and it skipping kills my flow. 

Yeah Daddy is fucking hot and would love to fuck him but I think the context in which it would happen would have to be a bad one, like Daddy has been corrupted, possessed, mind-controlled or generally is just not okay.