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I both cried and laughed at this. :P

Yes, it's alive. The next patreon update is massive and took a lot of fidgeting to get it to work. Thanks for being patient!

Hey! Sorry for the delay, he says it will cost around 3000 gold, but that he'll pool from the town. The real amount is 300 gold.

This step is also meant to be optional and it just provides debuffs to the town if not completed, but there's currently a bug in the code that prevents you from skipping some of the things. It will be fixed in the coming update. :)

I've looked into this and I can't seem to replicate it. Is there any way that you could join the Discord and DM me your save file? That would help me address it. :)

Hello there. Any included fetishes will be entirely optional and can be skipped. I will confirm that there will be no scat, and no beastiality with Saint (MC's Dog/Wolf).

Interactions with Saint are intentionally limited at the moment, and will remain wholesome for the time being, as he will have some story content down the road where his character will be expanded. I will see about more options like hugging though. :)

Hello. Another missed notification, I apologize! This should already be fixed, I'm just replying to say thank you for reporting it. :)

Checking through the forums here and I must apologize, a lot of things weren't showing in my notifs!

This has been patched, though it won't be fixed until the next public update. Clicking "Ignore" won't cause any issues though and your save will be fine!

Thank you for reporting that! It is already patched, but won't be fixed until the next version releases.

For Flint, it's only available after the Outside The Law quest progresses far enough. I'm not sure how far along you are, so I don't want to spoil! Once you're at that point though, it can be accessed by simply talking to him. If your friendship is high enough, it'll start right away.

For Zold, simply trade him and then exit the menu. If your friendship is high enough, he'll ask you to come by later in the day and then you can start the date inside of his "Talk" menu.

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It's about a 10% chance iirc

Hi, sorry for the late response! Itch is weird with notifs sometimes.

What part of the quest are you stuck on?

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It should be continued by the chat: "Ash alive?" when talking to Myaun.

It could also be a renpy error as well, but to confirm that I need to know - did you take the route of burning the forest down?

Edit: Sorry for the late response! I was never notified of these for some reason. If you ever have bugs like this, I would recommend posting them on the Discord if you're able to!

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I posted an update last night (0.9.1) that should fix all of those, and it should also back-date the achievements for you. 

Sorry about that, and thanks again for reporting it! :)

Mind posting the error as a reply or in the Bugs/Typos/Suggestions thread? I'll take a look :)

Public 0.9 should be up until Hanok's new hut, yes, and the dates! Next update is going to be in around 1 month.

Both of them should be right when you talk to them if your friendship is high enough. 

None of the dates should be repeatable, so I'll have to fix that. :P

I replied to someone else above and it also answeres this question if you're interested, but the short answer is no. Date whoever you want :)

Thank you! I appreciate it :)

Also, no. Even if I do persue that route, I don't have any plans for it to ruin your friendships with any of the guys. Maybe just a little drama to spice things up. :P

The first two should be part of the main storyline, though it could be a bug. I'm going to release a public patch later today and I'll have that fixed.

The ginger one is definitely a bug, and it will be fixed in the same patch. Afterwards it can be found at the Army Outpost. :)

Yep, there won't be any problems with that down the road, and you can date whoever all in one save.

That being said, I make no promises about guys being jealous or something, especially if they had previously dated someone else in town. :P

Well that's certainly strange. 

Do you have Discord? If so, join here and DM me (Asher). I can send you a 0.6 build, but I'd also like to get a copy of your save if I can. I'd like to reverse engineer a solution to this!

It's in the Otter enemy's loot pool, you can find them at the river.

This is the beginning of the next part in the quest-line. Most of the content for 0.7 was back-dated to include an alternate route. If you'd like to play that route as well, there is a save included on the main itch post that begins right at the start of the new content :)

Yeah those are definitely a problem, even though I found it super funny :P

Thanks for reporting it! I'll get it fixed up in the next round of patches :)

Just needed a bit of a break, thanks for your concern. :)

Hey! This alerted me to a bug in how the Outlaw Stronghold events were rolled, so thanks! I've fixed it for the next patch. Sorry about that.

Orveia community · Posted in Coal

Hey, can you take a screenshot of it being greyed out? There could be a few reasons why, so that'll help me answer. :)

Not unless your Perception is at 10 or above

Hey, there's a patch out for this now. Just update to 0.7.1 :)

Nope, it's locked behind that skill-check. It doesn't restrict you from making any choices, though. It just means you have less information to work with.

There's a patch coming for that in a few minutes. Thanks for reporting it!


What Spring said is correct. They'll recover for 2-3 days and then they'll be back to their respective workplaces.

Thanks for reporting that! I lost some files between the patreon and public version, and thought I patched that. It'll be patched in the next patch-update. :)

Sorry for the late reply! I do plan on making romance available for as many of the guys as possible -- Ash included. 

There's some story elements down the line that you'll be interested in, judging by your message. Have fun! :P

Orveia community · Posted in sound

There's not at the moment, it's still something I'm exploring options for. If I'm going to do it, I want to do it right, but decent quality production is a bit out of my budget right now :P

Not at the moment, but if you decide to go with him during the battles you'll get a little intro to what will eventually become romancing him. :P

For attack, anything marked with a fist symbol is the same type of damage and is merely for roleplay purposes. If you have a weapon equipped, you'll get a sword or a hammer icon. The different icons respresent different damage types that enemies might be weak to (though, it's not fully implemented yet).

For seduction, there are three types of attacks:

 ^ icon means Top-oriented attacks

 ~ icon means Vers-oriented attacks

 v icon means Bottom-oriented attacks

Different enemies respond better to complimentary styles. The outlaws, for instance, are top-oriented, so they'll take more lust damage from bottom-oriented moves. Each enemy also has one seduction-based move that hits harder than all the others, but I won't give those ones away :P

Hmm that's strange, thanks for reporting it!

Things will break in town if their part of the preparation wasn't completed.

I don't remember if I've fully coded it yet, but some shops may be unavailable in the future as a result. At least until you help them with something else to fix the broken stuff.

No problem! There were some larger errors as well that it tipped me onto, I just didn't mention them. So it was a big help!