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Achievements Unlock

A topic by Sluy created Mar 17, 2023 Views: 331 Replies: 3
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Does anyone know how to unlock both achievements? I've tried everything.


The first two should be part of the main storyline, though it could be a bug. I'm going to release a public patch later today and I'll have that fixed.

The ginger one is definitely a bug, and it will be fixed in the same patch. Afterwards it can be found at the Army Outpost. :)

if the first two are part of the main story then it must be a bug since I already did all the main quests, I tried everything to activate this achievement in mardoc at all times and nothing happened

Developer (1 edit)

I posted an update last night (0.9.1) that should fix all of those, and it should also back-date the achievements for you. 

Sorry about that, and thanks again for reporting it! :)