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Need help with questt

A topic by Peanut Ozz created Feb 09, 2023 Views: 1,203 Replies: 13
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hello. Is this normal or the quest will be started in the next update? 


This is the new quest in 0.7version, it should start by talking the Myaun, anything happened or not happened?

well there's no content about the quest in myaun's talk


This is the beginning of the next part in the quest-line. Most of the content for 0.7 was back-dated to include an alternate route. If you'd like to play that route as well, there is a save included on the main itch post that begins right at the start of the new content :)

Hello! Is there a way to do this quest?

I'm kinda confused haha..

I tried to talk to Myaun to start/continue the quest but there's no option to talk about the quest..

Developer (1 edit)

It should be continued by the chat: "Ash alive?" when talking to Myaun.

It could also be a renpy error as well, but to confirm that I need to know - did you take the route of burning the forest down?

Edit: Sorry for the late response! I was never notified of these for some reason. If you ever have bugs like this, I would recommend posting them on the Discord if you're able to!

(1 edit)

Hi! Yeah, I took the route of burning down the forest down.. 

Edit : Well, after the chat "Ash alive?" I prepared for the war quest after that i met Ash and got him as my Companion.

Oh and i loaded my old save and did the option "Ash alive?"(Which i already did it in the newest version 0.8/0.9).

But i haven't gotten the "The Wolves Among Us" quest when I talked (and before talking too) to Myaun about "Ash alive?".

And after i did the talk about "The shadow.."

Myaun talked to me to prepare for the danger and preparing the whole village from the attack(I forgot who it is.. It's The Commander of those red armors in the camp). And yes, the thing happens (war) and others.

Aaaanddd I think that you're not late for the response! It's fine as long as you reply!! Sorry for my bad English(not my motherlanguage/1st).


I've looked into this and I can't seem to replicate it. Is there any way that you could join the Discord and DM me your save file? That would help me address it. :)

Hmm.. By any chance, do you know how to send your save files from adr?



Hi, sorry for the late response! Itch is weird with notifs sometimes.

What part of the quest are you stuck on?


The part where you make steel to give to the bull character? How would I make steel?