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why is this one exclusive tho

I'm actually not sure. I read this till 3 am half sleepy, and the lack of clear transitions gave me a surreal experience that was confusing in a good way honestly. And yeah it's mostly resolved after a few clicks for confirmation.

I read this till 3 am and woke up still thinking about theories.. Really good start

Compared to most other "human in wolf society" vns, this mc is living the good life. At least he's not collared, beaten and humiliated in public

I found it weirder how the king became buddy buddy with him nearly instantly. The mc at least makes sense, he's doing whatever to get back to his world and make his current situation better. His situation is already great, he's friends with the king, guards and the thieves. He has good job prospects too. Just on a bit of parole or how it's called basically

Yea i think most dropped the VN after it got accused of glorifying the Ra word. Later on in the story I think that's kind of hilarious. But then the devs got accused of the P word so it's a case of, even if both turn out false, 99% of people will still ignore the VN.

Sucks cus it's very unique, I don't think any other VN has a revenge story like this one, or a MC that can commit sepuku to notself :P

The plot also seemeed like it just started, with the secret orgs, superhuman abilities etc

Are you the artist of this? I really like the art


Oh lol, I missed that

They talked about making babies, although I wasn't sure about the reproductive specifics

Let's just say I dit not expect mpreg and goo blood but I'll take it

Idk that smirk on bruce when you had him pinned is sus

I used joiplay for now but yes apk would be good for next builds

refreshing writing, weird ass world and gay sex, I'm in

Holy fuck i did not expect you to have a new VN ready right away lmao

I guess you're going full writer this time as you hired an artist? Will comment after i read, i don't tend to read VNs during the morning. All i know is that tiger is really good looking..

And just find a good model from civitai, copy paste prompts that are good and edit to your liking

I guess now is a good time to continue reading seing as there won't be more updates for a while, well as long as the battery recharging hiatus/other VN is ongoing.

My man just wanted to be a goblin matron, didn't have to downvote him xD

I do wish there was a way to be more honest about the game without spoiling things. Personally i'm not too big on dating sims, but a nice husbando on the screen does wonders for my attention span.. So just having a romance subplot with that hunk is a huge plus. Still interested in the game, tho i'll feel a bit bad if the mc doesn't get back with him.

I have to note the itch page still lags like hell and while on my PC i barely notice, it does heat up the gpu..

Honestly one of my fan vns. Fun writing, interesting characters and a plot that keeps you hooked. Also snoot boop

Honestly loving the last few updates, binged them and didn't expect things at all

You should add text like "that's it for this build" instead because I also thought it's a bug

I have no idea where the "light" plot is going for but it's interesting enough to follow. Atlas is really cute too and definitely not the main motivation nope.

Now i'm curious, is th 1600$ the entire sprite rework or just for that 4th love interest..

I actually think most fvn writers don't have arrogance problems, but instead an inferiority complex that's shielded by automatic accusations of "hater!". When you're surrounded by yes-men, any criticism or friendly suggestions will seem like hate. That's literally the only suggestion i'd give them. Realize you aren't a master novelist because a few people liked staring at your wolf's tits. I've seen quite a few writers say something like: "what do you know? I'm the one here with a popular vn!. It's like they forgot people can criticize games they play, even if they aren't game developers themselves. The old saying goes: Customer is always right. It doesn't mean that exactly, but it means that you should take the words of customers seriously. Even people who don't know how to criticize will still provide some insight into the story's problems if you know how to understand their reviews. As an example, if half the people reading your story are confused about some plot point and are wrong, it's the fault of the writer for not realizing he explained it poorly, not the fault of the readers. But if only 1% of readers didn't understand, you could say it's the fault of those few readers. This is why writers need to take all cricitism seriously. If they just shrug of those half readers that didn't understand the plot as dumb, they will end with a story nobody understands.

Oh and another comment said vns don't need plot. You might be right but those vns like nekojishi are years old and there weren't many options back them. A fvn with weird taiwanese gods (was it?) was really interesting. These days i think it would flop hard. There's still market for pure SOLs but i think these days you need some gripping plot to really make it popular. And nekojishi actually had plot, so that was a weird example, EA and other dating sims are a better example. Hell i think the market is kinda saturated right now overall, i noticed lots of very good vns completely flop

Love the start, you got me hooked

It's possible I skipped some text or missed something but I also just ignored the mystery because i felt I had no clue. I kept reading hoping to get it explained but nop

I have zero clue what any foreshadowing meant so I just ended up confused and just tried to enjoy the slice of life part. And I feel I read the game for days on end. Just felt like too long without figuring anything out. Like wtf are those nightmares, the killer, his headache. Etc


WHat if I told u joiplay and renpy addon exist

I thought basket weaving was peak comedy but then space baskets arrived

Tbh i picked to go with him cus i wanted to learn about his aura magic and to just check out the worst choice possible (the one game warned me NOT to take) but it was honestly kinda cute lol. But i'd rather continue the main game plot and go to the academy

"I hate magic but i'll give you a magic tome because i'm sure you the mc can't use magic, haha that'd be silly!"

I think i know where this is heading :P

I wish you actually kept us updated here even if it's a short changelog like "update 1.25, added MR skittles day 5"

Also I read in a comment that episodes are important to story, maybe make that more easily known, i'm like a year waiting for an actual update and then i find out these episodes are actual updates

That part at the start confused me a lot. I guess the weird dog clerk is some demon that can setup his own domain and the mc entered that? Also how did he make it so his phone app shows the hind is on the other side of the city when it's right there? Maybe the domain is in another location which is why the directions were wrong? Because when the mc exits the store, he's teleported to the original spot.

Or maybe i'm overthinking and he just has magic that can control the phone screen, or it was some other restaurant named the same.

Also ross is way different than that flashback made me think lol

That new dogman looks cute, even though I didn't read it yet lol

Heterosexual intercourse

I'm a sucker for childhood friends lol

also he hot