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good game, can't wait to become a water bender xD

yes but im talking game enjoyment, not realism. realistic does not mean fun. i just felt it was a bit too long.

Really good, definitely following this one each update!

Now for the nitpicks!

- it drags on a bit much. Multiple times I felt they are going in circles (sul mean > oh no he scared human) etc.

- Ranok's forward sprite looks weird. All his other sprites look great

Then again maybe i felt it dragged on too much because I read it till 2 am, as I didn't expect such length.

Either way keep up, just don't burn out! You can always use placeholder BGs to save time and stuff, when you have to keep up monthly schedules.

One of the vest vns I played actually, at least the intro! 

Characters are relatable (and hot), their friendships look natural and the comedy is great. It's very realistic in some parts, like useful magic being banned.. That's totally what governments would do. A bit less in some others, like the nearly 30yo teacher having fun with others in the chatroom.  Then again it's kinda slapstick comedy so it's not a big deal.

Hope it continues, I'm gonna follow it every release.

Can you add somewhere noticeable that this is a trial version? i only found out that non patreons wont get anything past the introduction arc by reading the full page on patreon. 

"Now i'm not saying a character can't be attractive if they don't have any of these traits, but they need to stand out relatively."

You read my post twice but didn't notice i said this. My main point was that the datable characters shouldn't be overshadowed by others, else people will thirst for the undatable ones.

I already praised the game on discord and 5 starred it here. I don't think i'm being "too critical". This was just a suggestion to the dev so he would have less problems in the future.

Such defensive attitude seems unneeded.

Yea i'm hoping for that too. I can't know what you have in plan.

Agree to disagree then.

Tags: Bara, Coming Of Age, echo, Furry, Gay, Horror, Psychological Horror, Queer, Romance, Yaoi

Not to mention that start as a typical dating sim vn where you pick your route and start dating them.

I really like the game! Already posted most of my thoughts in discord. I just want to elaborate a bit more on something I feel you missed..

Humans are not very noble in what they find attractive. Yes most of us will like someone that is nice, but we don't into a rabid rage to find a nice person.

I'll list some examples from other vns:

* amicus (emperor of a fucking space wolf planet)

* grifter (coach, authority figure)

* spencer (very hard working and independent sport player)

* darius (mega rich playboy)

In short, things like: wealth, authority, power, independence etc are attractive.

Now i'm not saying a character can't be attractive if they don't have any of these traits, but they need to stand out relatively. In other words, they need to shine like a diamond among a bunch of rocks.

So if most people in the world are poor slum dwellers, someone that has a house would count. But if there's someone else with a mansion, that house owner would pale in comparison.

In your case, marshall and his son. One is a high ranking person with a LOT of authority, and the other is his servant basically. See the problem?

Alen also has a problem where he lives his life as almost a slave to the enemy empire..

Another aspect is the forbidden fruit. In essence, the more impossible it seems to date that character, the more people would DESIRE to do it. (straight looking guy, childhood friend that is probably straight, fucking planet's emperor... you get the idea)

I will conclude this lecture for now. If you want more in depth analysis i'm free :3

My problem is that it actually started as a romance vn and I got that confirmed by the creator himself. The first few days where the romance starts seem to be made at that time and not reworked to fit the new only horror vn type so everyone who starts playing without knowing it's supposed to be a full on horror vn will be fooled.

Interesting that I got 8 downvotes without anyone giving a concrete example of where i'm wrong.

Another thing, horror doesn't mean no romance. There's password and blackgate out there. And that's what i expected, and I WAS right until they suddenly switched their tune and went full horror.

And no, a game that is supposed to make me feel like shit is a shit game. That's why i'm warning people not to play this game if they don't want to feel like shit and have their expectations of happy romance ruined. 

Play only if you like to have your expectations failed in worst ways possible. I'll explain what's wrong.

First of, the game starts as your typical romance game where you pick the character you like and start dating them. You will of course get attached to the character and want a happy ending with them. You probably assume that good choices on your end means good ending for you too right? Nope.

Now to the problems..

The game at some point stops the romance because the developers felt like it, and transform the game into a mainly horror game. This means crappy and cheap writing, everything being black (dark) to not have to use any money on backgrounds etc. All the supposed scary monsters are off screen in the dark.

At a certain time they decided it was a good time to make you hate the character you picked. They of course completely fail at this. Probably because they projected their own feelings too much into the game and fail to realize that lying about 1 thing doesn't completely break all relationships.

Then to make it worse, they force a new relationship on your character, with a Mary Sue character. Now if you're wondering what's a perfect character doing in a dark and gritty game where everyone is a hatable bastard.. It's a patreon supporter character! 

In short, when you pick X, let's hope you're happy with ending up with Y.

And when you get through all the horrors hoping to be embraced happily ever after with your big wolf, game says no and gives you a twinky raccoon or something. 

Next would be their communities. Super elitist isolated fan groups that shame anyone that didn't like the sudden turn to horror in the game. 

All in all, it's the ONLY ever furry visual novel that I wish I could UN-PLAY. Every other game even though it wasn't that good, was a good time waster at least. But this one managed to make me feel worse after playing to the point of being pissed off about it.