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There's a channel in the discord you'll probably like lol

We can't see that from the main itch page


I spent almost 3 hours reading this build, that's all i'll say!

That was my guess as well. Why? Because it's magic. What could magic do? Read the target's memories and use the language they use, alongside their accent and all. Could also be based on the language they are currently thinking in right now.

This is dope! I really liked how realistic the writing is, the conversation between characters mostly. The plot got my reading for hours at once.. my eyes hurt right now but it's worth it lol

I think you need to pick the "pickup" option for the food delivery. That way son goes out to get food and you stay with daddy :)

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I wish he had a short log that just said "in this update you get Name day x". I swear I read these changelogs and just end up more confused because i cant find which day got added

Edit: I found the damn line finally!

"With this update, it brings us to Mark Day 3 overhaul (for Patrons and and Lars Day 9 update (for"

I thought so too but later another weird thing was revealed about the mc, and this one can't be explained away like that. 

Really good, I can't wait to enter the blackzones! 

Alright. Makes me feel better knowing it was worked on part time. There's hope for consistent updates then

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I'm a bit confused why there are downloadable files shown in each update but they can't really be downloaded. Art looks good but I worry as soon as I saw that most sprites will be unique and not reused. Because even with reusing the same 5 sprites most vns barely manage to release on time. After all even if it was just 5 sprites, vns usually have at least 5 characters, and then there's backgrounds, cgs etc.

I hope you are realistic about this and can actually do it. And if you can't, I think most of us wouldn't mind looking at the same sprite as long as the wolf tits are top notch :)

This is a very horny vn and the plot heavily allows limitless horny things to happen lol

So even if we "only" get 3 characters to romance, I can see the side characters getting ocassional action too. (we already got one but i won't spoil)

Ok this game is way better than I expected! The story is fun, characters are all interesting, lots of great art, great sprites too. The character dynamics are great and the choices were quite fun too. There's a few typos and some common ones like "quiet" instead of "quite" but I wouldn't worry too much. These aren't the type of mistakes that detract from the story a lot. Also the spicy stuff is top notch too, cough.

I was initially not interested in the tiger but he won me over quickly. So honestly kinda thankful his route was the only one there right now because otherwise i'd have went with the wolf sensei and completely ignored the kitty.

I'll try spread the word a bit. I hope we can get regular updates even if they take longer. The chapter 1 was absolutely massive, I think it took me 3 hours to read all?

Good stuff.

Looks good, I'll have to wait for Android version because no pc rn

Tiger Daddy :-]

Fun update! I think you forgot to post a dev log here tho

stupid sexy superfang!

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Thirstle + Meat fruit = I want to read that :p

Edit: Fuck

I think i know this artist from twitter, and yeah great sprites!

I can't click buttons on android. ( i remember some1 told me this happens if you use too high renpy version )

"Now your friends will be able to see when you're playing Burrows!"

I guess this is the true horror lol?

Seriously their backstory just keeps getting deeper.

Uninstall the original game to install this update. (I assume he lost his token or built the apk on a different pc)

I guess an update can't end without Cole being a dumbass can it? :(

He's doing regular dev logs on patreon it seems, so hopefully soon

Hype. Read this a while ago, was pretty long. I swear i questioned myself multiple times "is this guy a route? He appears straight..". Had to search for info on here, got confirmed as route, still doubted myself. Hopefully new updates prove some stuff xD

Am i the only one waiting to hear about an update that progresses the story past that town? 

Atmac said on discord patreons will get update on 7th of june and public a week after that. So less than a month till update!

Contender for best update I feel.

Same on android

"Do not ask us for a toggle to switch off sprites for female characters. This will never happen. End of discussion."

Lol, what's a female character?

I think Noah is a bit too young lol. And I was hoping for some anthro love interest

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Sorry didn't mean to discourage you. If you really want to do something you can get better at it. You just need time and a bit of guidance from fellow devs can speed that up.

But some things like learning grammar, story writing need time/effort.

I'll be brutally honest too, it's not just the grammar. The jokes feel off (like the one where you invite your boss to play video games at home as a form of flirting?) and then his rejection is even worse..

Then there's weird use of phrases like "I was so scared I didn't even flinch".

Now one bad joke and an error every once in a while is excusable but it got to a point where I had to stop playing.

I'll also say one more thing, this can't be fully fixed with a competent editor as the problems are in the story itself too. (like roomy trying to murder you then mc falling asleep and it's like nothing happened).

But yes, the fantasy setting and the characters look good. It just needs to be heavily polished. Edgy fiction REALLY needs to have very few grammar mistakes as it otherwise turns into cringe very fast.

I also hope to read it again after it's hopefully polished and edited.

Sorry if it's a bit too negative. 

There's one REALLY gorey scene. But pretty much only that one. Hint: monster + woman

No problem. I like to give feedback when I feel there's something off and I can pinpoint it at least. 

Good luck!

This is an interesting VN! > SPOILERS BELOW

I think the premise is cool, but the execution could be better. I'm not really a writer but it feels like the story had quite a few cool moments that the MC just answers with "oh ok". "Oh cool, my guardian is a wolf", "oh cool i'm now my fursona". List goes on. Now that might be because he's a non feeling alcoholic but it's one of those things you have to really drive home as a writer, otherwise we won't get it. But it has to be shown in a way that isn't preachy.. I guess that's one of difficulties of writing.

Mc also being a furry might be a bit too real, and while realistic and relatable, not exactly benefiting the fantasy you know? You play an isekai to escape horrible reality, not to be reminded of it.

I also felt it was kinda weird for the guardian to isekai the mc after 20 or so years. He probably has a reason and might be lying a bit.

Grammar is fine, art is decent (although would attract way more people if it was a bit better).

Also I think the link to patreon is missing.

All in all, has potential, interesting premise but lacks polish in both art and storytelling department to shine.

Will there be non feral werewolves? 

Thanks! I think that's it as it makes sense. I just didn't know how it was called.