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The abomination achievement might be bugged.

Also, how does combat actually WORK now? There's still a lot of stuff that refers to combos and the like, but there's no explanation that I can find about how any of that stuff is actually relevant anymore.

Damn, Abel got a redesign? That's a shame, makes him feel like a totally different character.

Try this: When you first start, arrange them in order of size. Tiny reds go to the far left edge, then pink, purple, yellow, rainbow, etc.

If you don't have the space, drop em as close as you can to where they should go. If you're paying attention, you should be able to get the first swirly candy at minimum before it becomes difficult to prevent the candies from stacking up.

Keep candies of similar size together, but don't cut them off. Don't cover a yellow with a purple, but drop it close. Try to keep dumping the smallest two sizes at one edge; the little reds especially can pretty reliably fall down to the bottom if you shake a couple times.

Lots of little stuff like that.

I'd honestly recommend making it a toggleable setting at the start rather than separating it into a win/lose situation. If you're playing a male character, and choose victory sex with a male enemy, it's kinda blindsiding to have them suddenly turn into a female.

See, I swear there was something you could do that would ultimately have him talk to you and acknowledge your symbiosis. Weird.

Queer originally meant weird, strange, or abnormal. a man interested in other men was a queer man.

The entire LGBT+ community is "queer." That said, you aren't even remotely in the minority in liking masculine guys. In fact, I'd call that pretty much baseline gay.

Might be going crazy, but wasn't there a way to actually speak to the Lost Naga at some point? It's been a while since I've played.

Not a programmer, but version numbering is actually pretty simple. Given XX.YY.ZZ:

XX is the major build number, which is 0 until a project moves out of beta and has a full release, at which point it becomes 1.

YY goes up with every revision of substance (it often gets started as 01 rather than 1 because of how computers alphabetize things), so that's the number that generally goes up with every build on

ZZ is typically used for hotfixes, tweaks, and revisions, so v0.01.2 has the same content as v0.01, but is more stable/polished.

Hope that helps, even if you prefer linear numbering.

Oh man, you're gonna be working with Alpha0? Looks like I'm gonna be keeping an eye out xD

I can definitely relate to dissociation, too, and plurality to a lesser extent.

Really, I don't think enough people realize how many mental health struggles aren't something you "have," but what you don't.

Hell, I'm pretty sure there's been studies finding that depressed people actually have expectations more closely matching reality than non-depressed people. It doesn't make them pessimistic, it makes them lack optimism.

And yet somehow no one really talks about the void that can leave in a person.

I'm surprised no one has commented on this yet! I really like the writing and the vibe. As someone that struggles with anhedonia, it's also incredibly relatable. That feeling that some part of you has been missing for so long that you don't even know who you are, or if that person you used to be still even exists... It's not something that gets talked about.

After the slaver event at Nogas the text says someone new might be in town, but I'm not seeing anyone new to interact with. How do I find them?

Commenting because I have no idea if this was intended to be funny, but felt you needed to know that it was.

The entire "look at yourself in the mirror" section is amusing for striving to be as vague as possible, but what made me laugh was the last line.

"Looking great, tiger."

It just immediately made me go "wait..." and laugh, completely unable to tell if that phrasing was chosen to fuck with the player or not.

I noticed the Rolling Stone quest can be missed really easily; looks like it needs a scene at the bar to be triggered before it becomes available?

Might be a good idea to make it necessary to complete before Lothar sends you to the goat tribe, and maybe direct the player to the event needed for Rolling Stone to make things smoother.

It's honestly an issue with indie games in general. They're frequently very long-term passion projects, and when a creator's on their own or in a small group, it doesn't take much for a game to get left by the wayside.

That said, the furry game scene exploded with the pandemic, and circumstances have been changing rapidly for a lot of people in that time.

I do agree that acknowledgement would be really nice... but I also know that if I'm unable to, say, respond to a text message in a reasonable time frame, or spend a little too long away from a close-knit community somewhere online, anxiety rapidly snowballs until I can't bring myself to engage at all when I do manage to remember. So I get it, even if it sucks.

I somehow keep triggering an error that freezes the game. I've tried working around it, but so far it's unclear what's actually causing it. When it happens, there seems to be an invisible NPC to the right of the massage table; interacting with it makes the game freeze. When the NPC is there, I seem to have more issues getting clients to show up.

You might want to look over the image for the detention scene, with Aiden at the front desk. His legs look too far away from his torso, like he was meant to be leaning back and stretched out, rather than sitting up mostly straight with his legs on the desk.

I think the sketch handled the cuter styling better than the full example, honestly. Without the hair, the color version looks like he has a really tall head, and it makes his whole face look a bit awkward. In the sketch, the horns were set lower, so that  wasn't a problem.

I really like this game so far, and not just for the sake of horny.

For one, I actually think the lack of periods in dialogue works surprisingly well, though I don't know how intentional it is.

The main thing, though, is how... shameless things are. Aiden's anger/horny issues are a good example;  I love seeing a character wear their joys and desires on their sleeve, without feeling like they're putting on an act.

It sorta feels like it celebrates sexuality in and of itself, I guess you could say? And even most adult games don't actually do that.

Mouseover tooltips, yeah. I've seen them used in addition to the click functionality currently ingame, which usually seems to work well.

A pretty simple suggestion: Mention that the feral switch can be found in preferences during the tutorial fight. You're fighting a wolf, and you end up using seduce on it regardless of that setting, so I imagine that's part of what keeps confusing people.

Just finished (I think) playing what's currently available, and I have a couple things worth mentioning.

1) I restarted partway in (hadn't realized feral content was in preferences and assumed I did something wrong) and somehow wound up unable to interact with Saint; the button just never appeared. I haven't played around to see if I can figure out what did it, though.

2) Tired/Exhausted thresholds seem to be really close together? Even with ~14 str I can sleep, chop wood twice, and have both debuffs. It might be better to have a numerical threshold (i.e. at X Str you can work Y times in a 24-hr period) that contributes to the tiredness but can't cause it on its own. The debuffs could still prevent work, but it'd prevent people from having to either work right before sleeping or sleep randomly throughout the day to cope with the debuffs being so easily acquired.

3) A small QoL suggestion, dev notes in the questlog so it's easier to tell that you've done everything you currently can. You did this with talking to Rohan about repairs, but not with entering the outlaw stronghold. Bonus points for a counter in the corner that says how many quests are in your quest log vs how many exist in the game, at least when things get going enough that there'll be some that are easily missed.

4) Mouseover functionality in the menus for details; it's common enough that needing to click is going to be a difficult habit to form.

Finally coming back to this to play updates, and I'm actually struggling with the  squad, this time. Is it just me, or is the stress point threshold for the altercation less than the minimum required for Agares and Leraje to be in exile, plus having Raven, Max, and Rook stay?

I actually very much agree with this. It did trip me up, but it actually makes sense. Of course he's not happy you're brushing aside the thing he prides himself on to have an extremely awkward conversation, but if you don't have that conversation there's no way for him to realize how hurt you are that you've drifted so far apart.

Not sure why I haven't commented on this already, but I'm really liking it! I was actually a bit surprised to find that I really like the way you write the symbiote. He's adorable and I wanna hug him.

Sweet, I'll have to check out that prerelease!

Sorry to hear that you've burnt yourself out, though; that's never a fun time. Take your time; we can be patient. And while I certainly won't complain if you keep expanding it, fixing thing, adding cut or missing content, etc. after 1.1, make sure you do it because you want to, not just because we want to see it.

I have to agree. The original is softer, which makes all the difference. Sorta makes your heart skip a beat or three, and the new one doesn't quite elicit the same feeling.

Have to agree with other comments in that he might not be snake-like enough, but I think that's largely because he has an elephant's bulk, which doesn't really translate to "snake" very well. That said, I like the ear design of the first couple of versions; it reminds me of the markings on the back of a king cobra's hood.

Honestly, foxes have heavily fallen out of favor lately. Wolves are way more common now, and I think a lot of people are rooting for foxes again just because they're actually weirdly underrepresented in furry games after the boom in the past couple of years.

That said... is his name pronounced like in "unravel" or "ruh-vell" (rhymes with well)? Because if it's the latter I'm going to assume his theme song is Bolero until someone says otherwise.

I have to say, I really liked seeing Luke from... well, his own perspective through Rune's eyes. It was an eerily powerful moment, I think.

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Thanks for the response! I definitely can't fault you for prioritizing, but it's really nice to hear that you plan on adding a lot of stuff back in over time!

Edit: To elaborate now that I've woken up a bit:

1. Huh, I learned something new today.  It seemed too consistent to be a mistake  but I'd never seen the word before.

2. Glad to hear it'll get fixed; Raven's my favorite~

3. At least that wasn't a bug. I'll elaborate on the "postgame" thing farther down.

4.  That does make sense... Maybe you could implement something so that you "move slower" while traveling in a group? So when you're alone scavenging or wandering, you can move five tiles, but when on a quest with an npc it's only four? That'd make sense mechanically without disrupting the things reliant on the four-tile movement system, I think.

5. Good to know! Not sure what all you have planned for crafting in the long run but you could definitely manage some fun stuff with it.

6. Wolf dick is definitely best dick. And yeah, can't blame you for being hesitant to go all in on something like that... I'd definitely recommend doing a full wolf transformation at some point though, if only because there's already two pieces of it implemented. And to be fair, TF is something that's perfectly doable to implement a bit at a time.  Like, the easiest next step would be making wolf dick achievable without starting with it, and a second stage to the fur TF already ingame, since I'm pretty sure that doesn't really come up in conversation currently... though a full pelt would, ideally.

7. I definitely agree here. Dialogue's important for connecting with characters, but also for lore and understanding the world. Currently though? I'm not sure what lightrot is, how/when it appeared, or if gheists are actual aliens or just a race derived from lightrot-mutated humans that gets referred to as "alien." There's a lot of world here, and a lot of interesting details, but very little greater context given to understand it in.

8. Yeah, I was surprised by the number of non-repeatable/limited-time scenes too. The "postgame" thought was mostly an "endgame sandbox" suggestion though; a way to access the scenes once you've hit the end of the game, even without context. Something like a... temporary "fix" for the fact that at the very end, you're locked out of nearly all sex scenes due to both the humans and gheists being unavailable.

Oh, man. I feel like there's a lot to unpack here, so apologies in advance if this gets a little unwieldy.

I have a lot of praise for this game, especially for the writing and worldbuilding. Some of the things in this game I already knew I was into to some extent, but the descriptions are so wonderfully vivid that things that'd normally repulse me didn't phase me at all. I also appreciate that you made the world itself fairly open, but still worked out a plot that makes perfect sense.

As far as issues, criticisms, and suggestions go (I'm not sure what's a bug and what's just incomplete), there's a few things on my mind; gonna number them just to keep it tidy.

1. Brulvundojn's misspelled as "Brolvundojn" at least once, during the "knock me up" scene. Wouldn't be a big issue, but I'm not sure how to pronounce his name in the first place, so it threw me off a bit. Also, the word "spar" is used to refer to cocks multiple times... Do you mean "spear?" In that case, it's misspelled in every instance that I've noticed.

2. I get a "can't find matching endif" error when walking up to Raven at the caves. His sex scenes seem to be tied directly to the ones he had while the town was occupied, and "so what are you doing around here" is the only thing you can ask him. Nothing changes if you go back to town, so there's no way to get him to move to town.

3. Once the soldiers move into town, or if they "stay," they vanish. These two prompts are the only ones I've seen:

  • you first see Max sitting in the ĝheist camp w/ Khru sitting on his lap
  • Raven, out of his gear, is waiting at the edge of the village, sitting on the old cobblestone wall

After that, they're just.. gone. No way to interact with them again (Though the glass mountain cave still says there's smoke coming from it even after Leraje leaves). Not sure if this is a bug or if they're just unfinished, but I'd really like to see it addressed, even if as something like a "postgame storyline" of a sort. Raven's probably my favorite character, and I bet he'd love to meet Brulvundojn... Threesome~?

4. I know it's been mentioned before, but only moving four tiles before being forced to camp gets frustrating quickly. Changing it to 5 or 6 would help a lot, I think. Also, if there's a way to fix the movement buttons to a specific spot regardless of other text on the page, I think that'd help a great deal, too.

5. Are digging and crafting actually used for anything? I honestly can't tell if there's any point to doing them at all, currently, though I saw you added more crafting recipes at some point? I'm a bit confused on that point.

6. Getting into "definitely suggestions and not bugs or not understanding something" things now; Great Beast transformation variants would be great. You can get Brulvundojn's cock at the start, and some extra hair from fucking him, but it's also mentioned somewhere that the Great Beasts have different lightrot strains than the gheists, so having full transformations for Astau and especially Brulvundojn would not only make sense, but also be great for people that don't want to look like a gheist themself. Plus, if you start out estranged from Brulvundojn, you mention having been scared of getting a wolf head or something along those lines. What if I want a wolf head and explosive saliva, huh?

7. An expansion on Brulvundojn in general; If you start out as fuckbuddies there's no real talking with him, and even if you don't you only discuss your shared history. It feels like we know Astau better, sometimes. Also, since Brulvundojn acknowledges you as his consort when you visit with Khru (even if just to tease you), it'd be really hot to make that an actual thing, like an at least somewhat romantic relationship. Honestly, that'd be fun to see with Raven too, and maybe Gawann?

8. A "postgame" option would be great, and likely doable without TOO much extra work.  When talking to Zhalk the final time, an option like "not ready to end this yet" could appear, and clicking it could reopen the other gheists' menus to repeat their quests so you could play with them more if you want without replaying everything to get to them, and same goes for the humans (though I don't know if they have content in town already). Or hell, even an option to stay in town but promise to visit the hive so you can chat with them all there, though that'd require more writing. Regardless, a more "sandbox-y" point would be nice so people don't have to replay to access scenes that vanish after a certain point, which is most of them.

Uhm... I feel like I had more somewhere in my brain, but this is getting long already. I'll tack it on as a reply if I think of something else. I'd love to hear your thoughts on all of this if only to sate my own curiosity. 

And again, the game's writing is some of the best I've played. Thanks for the read.

A few more issues I found: I don't see a way to bring my doggo with me any more, and I can't seem to get Kevin's second hangout to trigger.

If Trald's at your home you can't actually talk to him, and if you talk to Ferron at your home, he brings up Bloodthirster even if you haven't actually seen the event where you meet him yet. 

I can't seem to meet Harold at the bar after seeing him in the gym, and I can't for the life of me find Darius at the gym.

Speaking of the gym, Blood's 69 event seems to fuck with date/time sometimes? While looking for Darius I kept having Blood's scene ending at 14:30 the next day, regardless of when it started. The frequency seemed a bit much too, especially since I couldn't refuse.

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Not sure if it's a bug or if I'm missing something, but I can't work out with Gen?

Edit: Rather, I can't talk to Gen at all in the Gym, unless he's at reception. Says he's working out but I can't go over to him. Trald doesn't have the same issue, though.