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You liked SUPERHOTline Miami ? Here's the standalone game based on it. · By Albatr

[FEEDBACK] Demo feedback goes here ! (English) Sticky

A topic by Albatr created Mar 19, 2016 Views: 2,179 Replies: 32
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The demo is now available!

If you run into any bug, or have any suggestion, please don't hesitate to post here :)

This game is amazing. Controls are a little complicated at first but nothing major. Super pumped to see more levels!

When can we expect a more full version of the game, or at least a level editor? I know that I'm late by about a month on this, but I REALLY like this game, almost more than SuperHot itself.

Where can I find or make custom levels for this? BTW I love it.


The game doesn't have a level editor for now, levels are made directly into Construct2's editor, so they are hard coded. Adding custom levels support will require a separate way to load level files. That means it's likely there won't be a level editor before the final release, but maybe later, if I can find someone to help me coding a separate editor.

Okay, thanks for responding, anyways. I love what you have going on here, Albatr. I look forward to what you have in the future!

need some help? we are C2 and HTML5 ninjas... and we LOVE your game <3



Well, creating the feature in Construct2 that will load custom levels into the game isn't the biggest problem, I did it for SUPERHOTline Miami.
The real difficulty is to create a decent custom level editor made specifically for SHOOTOUT Inc, I used Tiled Editor as a way to let players create their own levels and import them into SUPERHOTline Miami, it's a nice software, but users had to use specific settings and it was so easy to accidentally change something that would mess up the compatibility with the game, so it would be great if I could find a way to have a separate software made specifically for creating custom levels for SHOOTOUT Inc.

That's something I'm thinking about, but if I make something like this, that'll come after the release of the game. Thanks for offering your help on this, it's just that I can't answer now :-) And thanks for the love <3

I spend like a week playing superhotline miami, im so exited to try this, and the level editor will made this game the real mvp xd

This is pretty awesome and shows a lot of potential. I can't wait for the creations people make with this. I have a few suggestions. Maybe a bolt action rifle that has bullets that can go through enemies causing two or more enemies to be killed with one bullet. Maybe some armored units that can only be hit from a certain area, like in the back or have to be taken down a certain way. Bosses would be cool too. Great work so far though! Can't wait for the finished product!

I actually haven't played Hotline Miami, but I have played SuperHot and I have some experience with top-down style shooters. I think this is really a great idea because it introduces the SuperHot game mechanics but presents in a way that might be more amenable to casual players. For my own two cents, I almost like the visuals of SHM better than Shootout (I think my main issue is with the death animations - greenish fluid makes me think more of Vulcans than hydraulic fluid, which is what I think you were going for). I think there was talk on the French forums about having different color/style schemes, and I think that is definitely a good way to go.

My final suggestion: submit this to Steam Greenlight! I don't know how much you were planning to devote to this game's development, but putting it out on a larger platform than just would definitely increase funding, and attract more developers. Even if you planned to shelve the project for a while (maybe to try to rebuild with something more flexible than Construct, though that would be a commitment), thinking about putting the game or idea on a crowdsourcing platform couldn't hurt. I would definitely consider contributing more if I knew you were more serious about its eventual development.

I think there is a lot of potential for this to become like a spiritual companion to SuperHot (like there were a few side-scroller adaptations of Portal that had a greater number of puzzles than the main game since they didn't require expensive 3D assets and was more suitable for mobile devices), you might even pitch that to the SH team to see what they think of the idea.

Anyway, I hope you keep it up, because I'm pretty sure this would be something a lot of people would be interested in playing. I know I would.

I think it needs only a few things aside from more levels, to make it more fun. First off, a replay feature. I think it would actually work better here than in superhot, as it's already kinda cinematic. Second, I think you need to tweak the death animations, as they're quite boring. Take a cue from hotline miami, and vary them up depending on weapons, and they'd be fine. Finally, the blood. I don't know if it's intentional, but the way it looks now is quite unvisceral, which I think this game could be quite easily. Other than that, great job, and I look forward to the project's completion!

is anyone else experiencing input delay?


I'm late to the party, but I realized I may have looked like an asshole for not replying to all of the messages in this thread, well I actually read al of them, the feedback was very useful, and you may have noticed I changed a few things in the game according to what was said here (in both English and French forums).

So yeah, thanks everyone for your time and for helping me (and sorry for not replying to everyone) :-)

My suggestion is one that Theo also mentioned:


I think there should be an action replay feature at the end that shows how the level played out in real non-slowed-down time (with time speed controls if needed)

Great fun! Loved Superhot and Superhotline Miami, and can't wait to see how much more this game develops!

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Yeah, it's in my todo list, but it's a HUGE-ASS feature, and I'm still not sure how I'll do this. So it's still in a "planning state".

To give you a little bit more detail, replaying player and enemies movements is simple (even though you have to replay animations at the right time, etc), but replaying gunshots accurately, particles, holograms flickering, blood splats,etc; is getting a little bit trickier, it isn't that hard, but I have to find a way to store all these information efficiently without having >9000 pieces of data scattered everywhere in an unorganized file.

Ohhh I see. Thanks for explaining!

I really really enjoy this game! I recommended this to many of my friends. Once I can I may donate to support this game. I hope to see more levels added soon. :)

Developer (1 edit)


Thanks a lot! Don't worry about donating, I'll still work on the game as long as I can even without donations :-D

I added 2 levels in the Christmas update, but these aren't "real" level, they're just previous levels with a new game mode and different enemy spawns. I'll try to ask a level designer friend if he could help me with levels so that I can focus on code and game design and have a reliable way of having levels regularly added to the game.

You are welcome, a lot of my friends really enjoy the game can't wait for some new levels!

Hey Albatr!

Sorry, I haven't told you that earlier (I know about SUPERHOTline Miama for over a year now and just thought about how you did so far):

Great game and work! :)

And also very cool what you've done with Shootout Inc.!

Love the nades and the dual wielding, super cool addition to SUPERHOTline Miami!

Only thing that is weird is E to kick (I'd swap it with F), but else no complains ;)

As an idea - thogh I know that's a key feature - maybe do an option to turn off slowmo for hardcore Hotline Miamis (as I was lol), or have it old school Max Payne style, or - just came to my mind - switch it around, so that the time is only slowmo when you move (dunno how that would be though lol).

Either way, really great work and keep it up! :)

Cheers, Lo

PS: since I started developing - or let's call it 'developing' lol - myself recently with the Unreal Engine, I wonder how you developed the game so far?


Hi and thanks!

As usual, I'm like super late when it comes to replying to posts.

About the E and F keys, I've seen both used to pickup weapons in games, but yeah, anyway, I'm supposed to add a control customisation option sometime in the future :-D

Y'oure not the only one asking for a hardcore mode without the time bending mechanic, but the game would be a simple top down shooter without it, I mean, that the whole point of the game, having a that time mechanic. The inverted time mechanic is interesting, I'll keep that in mind, thtat might be cool to test this and really hard to implement.

So far the game is made with Construct 2, but I'm taking some time off the dev to try and re-code everything in Unity because Construct isn't well suited for a few things I'd like to to.
Good luck with Unreal :-D

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Hello! So, I would love to give a review on the game, or suggestions, etc, but what I have may be more of a bug...? I can't seem to launch it.. At all.. When I do launch it all that happens in nwjs shows up in my task manager.. For every attempt to run SHOOTOUT_Inc, "nwjs" shows up twice in my task manager. I honestly don't know what is going on and any searches I've tried don't seem to help. Sorry if this is the wrong place, but no other thread seemed better, and, unless I am just missing something blatantly obvious (which I very may well be), I feel like this may fall under a bug. Anywho, good luck with the game, I'll keep trying what I can!

Edit: It... works..? It seems like it just took a real long time to load, since I left nwjs open in taskmanager this time instead of killing it, it surprised me out of nowhere when it opened.

I really like this game, i jsut wished that it was updated mroe frequently, if at all. I've had this game for a while now and i havent seen an update, so either theres a big one coming out or its been forgotten. rip

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I think this demo is very fun and I hope to see more in the future. As far as I could tell, the level design was fairly balanced  and I never found myself getting frustrated, despite all the times I died. I also enjoyed the music, it fit the game's theme.


-A ability to replay what you did in real time after you beat the mission.

-A point system

My only problems with  it is that the grenades didn't feel like they had much of a use. They where cool to have but I found my self only really using the guns. The throw and pickup buttons where also a little off putting, because you had to take a finger off the wasd keys to use them.

Wonderful game, my only problem is not having the 2 shot wooden shotgun that you can get in the prototype level in the shooting range. Great game, i love the dual wielding mechanics, it's been a while since a game was able to implement that mechanic properly.

I haven't seen any recent activity and am anxious to play this, is it still in development?

I loved the demo ! It's an awesome mix of both games :)

The gatling gun was especially fun.

Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to make levels ?

The levels are hard coded and the creator said he'll make custom level support but I didn't see him online for a while, It feels like the project was abandoned

Just played all the currently existing levels it was a bit wonky to control (what could be caused by my shitty laptop), but I liked it. Are you still working on the game? Because these threads seem a bit dead.

yo dis game is lit like fire make an ending tho like a boss or sumthing btw awesome

So... is this game abandoned? Because it has a lot of potential, but it's been over 3 years since the last update. It's a shame, really, because I could see this, with a proper storyline and 30+ levels doing really well on Steam.

Very good game! Enjoyed it!