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love it

thank you!

thank you! changelog is always useful in order to evaluate the risk of an update :)

can you be more specific of issued bugs?

challenging game, where is the surprise? xD

grid wars feelings, nice work!

a lot of surprise party game !

good idea, the execution can be done better... invest more time to expand it!

I like the art, I can play it alone?

I've uploaded the game on a website, you can do the same by uploading the zip on and set as "play by browser web game"

reminds me western of loathing, love it!

scary :3

I like this variation of prop hunt concept

I spent so much time digging into it

nice art style however very difficult to control 

Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge is nothing compared to this

very good try to be your first game jam!

some relaxed experience, I need it

It's me, Gario!

I need an AI to play with, seems fun!

Strong colors, strong digging gameplay

I don't speak portoguese >_>

a windows version?

reminds me another hypercasual on mobile, I like the genre

lol I'm so bad at this game, but had fun

tricky and short... but really fun!

very cool 3d graphics for a simple idle cliker!

I won by luck, but fun!

reminds me an old 2D Metal Gear-like stealthgame about santa, nice work!

I need someone to play with :( single player version?

You can pet the dog in Good Boy?

wake up santa, WAKE UP

Not so easy to learn but catchy when you get the hang off it

Now I have nightmare about my Amazon's delivery

Yarr love sailing!

some minigames are actually cool, always difficult mare a multi-mechanics game during a gamejam

no link? 

I want to play with donkey conga now :D

relaxing and very cool endless runner

Good card mechanics, I would like see that concept expanded more!