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like real life ;) 
Viene spiegato nella descrizione, è il messaggio che vogliamo fare passare!

Very enjoyable prototype, wishlisted ;)

ciao grazie :)
Il layout è solo uno, viene caricato dinamicamente da un .json :)

thank you! As present I've added to this version 2 different mobile input (virtual joystick and drag to move) and tested async loading of the image :)

Maybe a gif or .html game to see the effects? :) (aside from scirra's forum)

thank you! I'm trying to put some UI and element "in map" like your game but I'm having some issues with positioning/scale.... can you put an example of object positioning in the 360 world?

Thank you, it is very useful :D

thank you!

Neat! Can you add a Spine 3.8 version?

architecturally interesting

I like the idea of building bridge/connection however the controls are a little bit odd :(

a lot of red

single player version ? :P

good job!

Another game on social distance like me!

win or web version? the animation seems promising

12 and already second game jam? on like this :)

win version?

win version? :P

web version? :P

reminds me games but with  more love

after an hectic gamejam and my intense game, a relaxing virtual fireside is what we needed. 

waiting for multiplayer expansion pack xD

great card game with an interesting twist :)

graphics are delightful and game mechanics works well with character nature :)

charming groove <3

good job :)

good old arcade vibes

no vr to test it :\

gotta catch 'em all!

COVID goes very wrong with this lol

basic concept could work but need to be expanded more... nice job for a jam!

lol the faces

mesmerizing, it reminds me game from no more sweden XD

another way to represent this COVID, luckily is not so dangerous IRL XD

art style is delightful, the gameplay is quite simple but deliver the right message :)

fun idea xD silly but relevant with theme

good job Lisa, Lukas and Linus!

cheerful art, quite detailed with only 2 colors ;)

lol  I chuckled

was the same for me :)