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questo gioco supporta il cloud save cross-game, un must

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Ho fatto un punteggio alto, mi sono sentito appagato

è stata dura ma alla fine l'ho avuta vinta io su quel DANNATO zombie <3

The clock is a LIE

Ho subito un colpo di scena

Troppo punitivo, chi si ferma è perduto.

Bella ripped graphics

Si nota il tocco dellA sviluppatricE

It has a T-rex, 11/10 I woud play it again

Inizio in medias res

Molto frenetico, ho avuto un mezzo infarto grazie


mortar! Helps the bricks stick better together

Please add battle royale mode

Yeah we wrote some description on the game page but we have to explain better in the game xD
You have to choose the phrases to build your past (and your strenght) and then use the actions  more tied to your skills (with some rock-paper-scissor logic)

Thank you for the feedback
As always in the GameJams tutorial and polishing going out of time, but obviously we would like to implement it in the future if we will continue it.


I think there is a bug (or not implemented feature) about VAT calculation for Canary Island.

As European Union says, we are in a special EU zone where VAT doesn't apply

We had only a local IGIC ( 7%).

Amazon and other similar services ask only NIE/DNI to identify our real residence.

loved it

Voglio altri fagioli

Sometimes the enemy spawn outside the map :\ And sometimes YOU spawn outside the map, LOL!

I will fix that soon sorry

nice! Simply using a bit more mortar you can achieve better results ;)

Thank you for the video!

Evvai su kickstarter!

need some help? we are C2 and HTML5 ninjas... and we LOVE your game <3



Nice! Some time ago I developed an unofficial "shortcuts-app" of Itch.Io as Universal Windows App

...for sure it is better in the official way :D

Please make a full featured game :O