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oh thank you! I've recieved feedbacks was about it not being intuitive to control, I'm glad someone finds it easy

good athmosfpere overall, being stucked in some puzzle moments but I've really enjoyed music/audio components

good athmosfpere overall, being stucked in some puzzle moments but I've really enjoyed music/audio components

it has good potential, need tweaking and i like this level of difficulty... but this game seems unfair in some moments (i did same error on my game... no time to polish) extend it more!

some nice TTRPG came out this jam, good job!

Really nice idea, I would like having the opposite system to connect (mobilee connect to phone, like some of our uConsole games :)) 

I've fixed some bugs now!

Now the attack interaction should be better ;)

Thanks for your feedback! Totally get the frustration with the attack mechanics : we're working on making it more player-friendly based on what you and others have said. (after jam voting)

About the AI-generated assets, yeah, we experimented a bit too much there. 😅 
I (the developer) realize late the implications and we plan to replace AI-generated backgrounds with original art from Daniela as soon as possible. We're learning and evolving from this experience.
*japanese bow*

Thank you for your honest feedback. we understand your concerns with the controls. The game was developed within a few days for the jam, and though we found the controls intuitive (OFC, after numerous tryanderror :P ), it's clear from your and others' feedback that they need refinement. Post-jam, we plan to improve this aspect.

To clarify, you should press the red button with the 'attack' kanji as quickly as possible when it appears. We realize the timing changes based on the enemy's distance, which can be unclear... need to think something else!

We appreciate your positive comments too and are glad you find the game promising! 

I've also recently discovered that if you play with 144hz screen or more is twice as difficult xD 
Sorry after jam I'll try to balance it more better and try different options for the dragging (from player or from the mouse? still struggling which one is better)

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We used AI for placeholders that we couldn't replace before the end of the jam 😞 now, I think only two backgrounds were left, but I'll make sure to update them as soon as possible 🙇‍♂️

Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, I misjudged the time constraints and was overly ambitious in creating more content than I could finely tune. The intro sequence is there to provide context and set the right mood, aiming to create a pseudo-samurai-legendary atmosphere alongside fun gameplay. Maybe post-jam, we could refine it a bit? ;)

we can't say "no arms were hurt during the development" also helped with the tight timeline :D

The game showcases professional elements like 3D graphics, camera movement and "see through wall logic", setting it apart. Sadly, time constraints of the jam might have limited content, and some bugs impact the experience. It's an unfinished gem, but still a good effort it should be continued!

basic one but with multiplayer feeature, good tech achievement

well, that escalated quackly

why don't make a web browser one, is construct!

procedural level generation?  it's impressively executed for a game jam. The music complements it well, creating a vibe that's a mix of Geometry Dash and King of Thieves. Great work!

I'm not a big fan of memory games but i like the masking twist of it

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so conceptual.

has a decent concept but feels like it could use more work on design part: games are feedbacks! continue it!

Hail to the king, baby 😎

Great start, amazing to see this done with Construct! Needs a bit more polish on physics and weapons, but as a boomer shooter from a 2D-focused tool, it's impressive work for a jam!

is this how babies are made?

nice art, simple gamee..sometimes bugged for the hazards

strong one, i like it

now i want pancakes. but don't do my same eerror, don't waste time in too many not polisheed levels :P

good oold carton network vibes

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Had a blast playing is an unique twist on rock-paper-scissors (vs your life). Its balance and polished execution make it perfect for a short game on, even beyond this jam

i want the rest!

The manual reload mechanics add a unique twist to the gameplay yet sometimes is buggy is worth working on

quick one with retro vibes ;)

little cute assassin ❤️

Got absorbed in this tower defense game for quite a while! Well-balanced for a game jam entry, which is quite an achievement.

Fun concept but still to polish, go on!

you nailed the Gameboy aestetic

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west of Loathing meeets tetris on newgrounds website in the 2007

potential winner, polished and complete. multiplayer game are a must for a physical gamejam but for the online one I miss a singleplayyer mode... please continue it!

Dungeon of the RedneckDancer.

It needs a refresh to work. i really like the use of 3D features but it seems somehow incomplete :(
but heyy! there are zombie and cowboys!