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Hey Albatr!

Sorry, I haven't told you that earlier (I know about SUPERHOTline Miama for over a year now and just thought about how you did so far):

Great game and work! :)

And also very cool what you've done with Shootout Inc.!

Love the nades and the dual wielding, super cool addition to SUPERHOTline Miami!

Only thing that is weird is E to kick (I'd swap it with F), but else no complains ;)

As an idea - thogh I know that's a key feature - maybe do an option to turn off slowmo for hardcore Hotline Miamis (as I was lol), or have it old school Max Payne style, or - just came to my mind - switch it around, so that the time is only slowmo when you move (dunno how that would be though lol).

Either way, really great work and keep it up! :)

Cheers, Lo

PS: since I started developing - or let's call it 'developing' lol - myself recently with the Unreal Engine, I wonder how you developed the game so far?

Hi and thanks!

As usual, I'm like super late when it comes to replying to posts.

About the E and F keys, I've seen both used to pickup weapons in games, but yeah, anyway, I'm supposed to add a control customisation option sometime in the future :-D

Y'oure not the only one asking for a hardcore mode without the time bending mechanic, but the game would be a simple top down shooter without it, I mean, that the whole point of the game, having a that time mechanic. The inverted time mechanic is interesting, I'll keep that in mind, thtat might be cool to test this and really hard to implement.

So far the game is made with Construct 2, but I'm taking some time off the dev to try and re-code everything in Unity because Construct isn't well suited for a few things I'd like to to.
Good luck with Unreal :-D