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After playing Voidship: The Long Journey, I think there are 2 major features that Cosmoteer needs. First, an actual campaign. Voidship has randomized galaxies and events, as well as a plot and the ability to make decisions. Secondly, Voidship lets you take control of a ship and fly it with WASD. The feature is useless in large fleet battles, but it makes 1-on-1s a lot more fun. Cosmoteer has a much better ship design system (it's really awesome), but Voidship makes playing them a lot more enjoyable.

I love this update! Movement is so much smoother, and the game play is more enjoyable. However, I do have a few complaints. Because islands move so much faster, I've shot up, out of bounds several times. Even if I stop the vertical thrusters the moment I see the red line, the momentum would carry me out of bounds, and my island would be destroyed. Either increase the gravity (which would require you recalibrate thrust and mass) or reduce the damage being out of bounds does.

Also, now that you can't quit the game when you're losing, it's almost impossible to beat the game. It's very hard to survive the 8 realms, and the final boss is WAY too OP. Even before this update, I never managed to beat it. I understand that you want to make this game difficult, but please add an option to set how many lives you have.

An amazing game that's very similar to Cosmoteer (my favorite game)! Lots of fun, and randomized enemies mean you see different combinations. I just with there was a creative mode, or a way to set lives to max.