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I'm very glad you liked it. I am now trying to make a new update in which you can travel to different stars and dimensions, and i will add a bigger screen too.

Jupiter_Hadley  thx for trying the game, also you could actually continue playing, cause the game lasts only maximum 10 minutes. 

thank you very much! I  also use this program and I love it.

what program does he use to make games??

Also, could you add a story or something to the game? or add dirt blocks, same as the stone ones but you need to dig through them.

I understand, though Thanks A LOT for the links, also do you work alone? I also want to say that your game is awesome, and if you would put a price to it, I will make sure i'll buy it.

Hi, is the game made in Gamemaker 1.4 ? If yes, I would really like if you would give me the source code, please. I am just a bengineer and just want to learn some cool things from your code. I won't redistribute, copy or do other stuff, I swear. I just want to see how you made this cool game and learn new things from the code. :)

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Known bugs:

2 bosses appearing instead of 1;

the effects sometimes don't play correctly;

If you encountered any bugs or glitches, tell me about them here!

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If you have any ideas to make the game better, post them here!