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HTML5 files limits are bugging me

A topic by GDS created Sep 21, 2017 Views: 615 Replies: 17
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I'm new on this site, I came from newground, there I have my games hitting 20k+ views every month, but unfortunately they have a file size limit of 250mb, so I got to move out.

I really liked the tools and control I got here, I uploaded a small test game and worked wonders.

But when I uploaded the final game I got this message : "There was a problem loading your game: Too many files in zip (1189 > 500)" the game is small about 260mb, but since its a novel like every frame is a single .PNG, so it will have a high file count.

The support wont answer my requests for a extent, 

Do you guys think they will help me? Or I should start looking somewhere else?


Someone should get back to you soon. Things can get busy. In the mean time, there are some limits placed on uploaded games here, they're just more generous than elsewhere. Could you maybe pack your assets into an archive of their own inside your overall game archive, and load from there?

it's all packed inside the zip file, but then the sites counts the files after unpacking all the assets


Hence my suggestion to maybe put another archive inside the archive, so that doesn't see a zillion image files after unpacking your game, but just one file. Of course, this being a web game, integrating a ZIP library could be tricky...

You mean a zip inside a zip? That sounds crazy, but maybe it can work.

But I don't know if I can code that into a HTML5 game, but worth a try...


Yeah, last time I checked there was just one ZIP handling library for Javascript, and it wasn't easy to use. But years have passed.

I tried, I can did that on .exe and android, but not to HTML5, since its inside the browser the browser thinks it's a security breach and will block the extraction.

Damn that sounded like a good idea


Sorry for misleading you. I don't suppose your PNG files are small enough to combine into sprite sheets either?

they are very small, the problem to merge then is the time and work required,  I will need to recode the whole game.


Ouch. Fair enough.

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260mb is not small for a browser game. It's not even small for a desktop game.

for desktop 260mb is small, most desktop games have more then 2gb, even indie ones

For a HTML5 is kind of big, but for now It's the only way for may Mac patrons to play the game

Admin (1 edit)

I removed your limit try again. If 250mb needs to be downloaded up front to play the game then I strongly recommend making it into a downloadable game. It's a poor user experience loading a large game into the browser. Likewise, downloading 1000 files to play a game isn't great. If the content is loaded as the player progresses then it's less of an issue.

Thanks mate, I offer a download version too, but it's for android and PC only, Most of HTML5 player come from MAC.

In the future I plan to support Mac nativity, but until then most of my Patrons like the online version, Pretty sure I'm one of the only people on this line of games that support mac/html5 

I'm still getting this error:  "There was a problem loading your game: Too many files in zip (1189 > 500)"

Should I delete the project and start a new one?


No need to delete the project. Are you uploading from the same account as the one you're posting with here?

Yeap, same account, and still getting the same error msg when I try to preview the game.

I will delete this project and start a new one, and will come back to you

Thanks mate, it's working!!