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So glad to hear you enjoyed it and grew acquainted with words! We are always excited when more people can experience the story.

Awesome concept and implementation! This worked great for me on my Chrome browser, and I hope it can work on mobile browsers, too, in the future! I can open the game on my Android device, and I can navigate the main menu but I can't click "ok" to start the game.

Love it, great demo of key MV3D features. Very smooth!

Love the aesthetics and gameplay! Nice job. It might totally change the gameplay, but for players without game controllers, it'd be nice if the player could follow the cursor.

This played really smoothly on my HP touch-screen laptop, using keys and on-screen movement. I especially love how avoiding diagonal movement seems to work in the game's favor, creating smooth, intuitive interaction with the 3D world. Great work making MV3D really shine with sprite tags, too! 

In the mv3d project I'm working on ( ), I had to reduce the camera freedom for the player to make touchscreen movement easier, but it's great to see you can have an intuitive first-person MV3D experience. 

Thanks! If you're ever accepting commissions for a pitch detection script, hit me up! (I need to get pitch detection working for a dissertation project)

I totally agree. The game aesthetics, puzzles and soundtrack blend into a rewiring game experience. Nicely done!

Thank you! I only put the graphics together using Pokemon pre-existing graphics (none of the visuals are original), but I hope it turned out  similar to the original gameboy visually!

Thanks for the feedback! Still need to improve flow between those game actions, but it's hopefully off to a good start!

Great game! Innovative gameplay and design. If interested in free BGM, it's a game concept I'd love to write some scores for! )

That sounds legit, looking forward to it!

Awesome game! Love the movement and controls (great choice having the distance from object be on an orbiting rail) and overall BGM and SE were stellar (sometimes when retrying levels too quickly the sound got a bit overwhelming, but overall terrific!). 

This is awesome! Great job with this.

Thanks a ton—it's working great now!

Hi leafo, 

I'm in the same situation as GDS—my game is quite small (83.6MB unzipped), but because the text files are individual .pngs (due to foreign language diacritics), I cannot reduce the file number below 500. I am currently getting the error message "Too many files in zip (805 > 500)". 

Is there any way I can have my limit removed, since my game is so small? I have done my best to remove extra files, but I still have 273 essential image files.

(I apologize if this is the wrong place to post)