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new game not showing on search

A topic by ragingmages created Sep 19, 2017 Views: 761 Replies: 10
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Hello friends,

I uploaded a new game and it is not showing on the site, only if you have the link.
I did a quick search and someone said that the admins have to test the game first. Is this still true?

The strange thing is that I already received an e-mail from with publishing status ok.

Thanks :)


That's the case if your game has a minimum price, so I'm going to guess it's about Black as Your Soul. :P

Admittedly the confirmation e-mail needs amended; it refers strictly to the fact that you've set up your game page correctly.

Yes its about Black as Your Soul.
I guess for now I should just wait for the testing process. :P

Thanks :)

Is exactly that it's happened to me: but other users have said to me that isn't a real problem. The games' provider need, in some cases, up to 24 hours to publish a game, however send you a notice that the process is starting.

It's all good now. Thanks all the staff, you guys rock! :D

Yeah that just happened with me 


Hey, it takes a bit of time for your game to be indexed and appear in search. Don't worry about it, it'll start appearing soon enough. The game is fully accessible with the URL right away though.

Also, please avoid posting in older topics in the future. Thanks!

ok cool I will not do it again


Anyway, now that you asked, both the files you uploaded for your game have a minimum price, so the game might have been held for review. If that's the case, it should show up in 24-36 hours. Otherwise, as null said, it often takes some time for a new game to be indexed. Don't panic!

Hello, I'm having the same probem. Game - HENTAI Arcade: Lustful Girls.


In your case, that's most likely because the game has a price label attached, so it has to be seen by an admin first. It should show up in searches after 24-36 hours.