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new game not showing on search Locked

A topic by ragingmages created Sep 19, 2017 Views: 1,497 Replies: 28
This topic was locked by null 34 days ago
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Hello friends,

I uploaded a new game and it is not showing on the site, only if you have the link.
I did a quick search and someone said that the admins have to test the game first. Is this still true?

The strange thing is that I already received an e-mail from with publishing status ok.

Thanks :)


That's the case if your game has a minimum price, so I'm going to guess it's about Black as Your Soul. :P

Admittedly the confirmation e-mail needs amended; it refers strictly to the fact that you've set up your game page correctly.

Yes its about Black as Your Soul.
I guess for now I should just wait for the testing process. :P

Thanks :)

Is exactly that it's happened to me: but other users have said to me that isn't a real problem. The games' provider need, in some cases, up to 24 hours to publish a game, however send you a notice that the process is starting.

It's all good now. Thanks all the staff, you guys rock! :D

Yeah that just happened with me 


Hey, it takes a bit of time for your game to be indexed and appear in search. Don't worry about it, it'll start appearing soon enough. The game is fully accessible with the URL right away though.

Also, please avoid posting in older topics in the future. Thanks!

ok cool I will not do it again


Anyway, now that you asked, both the files you uploaded for your game have a minimum price, so the game might have been held for review. If that's the case, it should show up in 24-36 hours. Otherwise, as null said, it often takes some time for a new game to be indexed. Don't panic!

Hello, I'm having the same probem. Game - HENTAI Arcade: Lustful Girls.


In your case, that's most likely because the game has a price label attached, so it has to be seen by an admin first. It should show up in searches after 24-36 hours.

 Same problem is happening to me for my game Project Flare it has a price  of $1 and it has already been 2 days and it hasnt yet been shown on the fresh games page.


Your game's metadata says it was published one day ago, and it was the weekend, so review might have been delayed.

In unrelated news, are you aware of the Flare RPG? They probably won't mind the name coincidence, but you might want to clarify on your game page.

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Thanks for the fast reply! And no i didnt know about "Flare RPG" , i'll  clarify it in the desc.

How long do i have to wait now ? for the game to show up.

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Normally, another few hours at most as of this writing. Good luck with your game!

still has not showed up.....


I've let our admins know.

Admin (1 edit)

Hello, I don't see anything wrong with your page's listing. This topic is for people having trouble with their game appearing in search. Your game appears in search fine. I see you mentioned the "fresh games" page. I'm not sure what page you're referring to, but generally the "fresh games" section on the homepage is for stuff that has been featured by a curator, not every game appears there.

Also, if you need help with something, please don't reply to a developer. You'll be notifying them and not site admins, so we may not even notice your request. You can either create a new topic, or reply to a moderator or developer. Thanks

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We are having the same problem in the site search. What ever we have done to tick you guys off we are sorry. I am serious when I say, WE ARE SORRY. Can we PLEASE be put back into the search results? Please. Our game Wizards of Alamar and a free version has been uploaded a couple weeks and all was going fine... then i asked someone in support how we could get on the front page. Look, you need to understand that if there is something we don't understand, we will ask the staff questions. We aren't afraid of hearing 'NO' as an answer, we just want to know the answer. I bring this up because after I submitted a support email asking how to get our game promoted on this site... no one can find us. Go onto the back end of your website and look at our views... steady trend upwards each day... Then the email was sent and a steady trend downwards. Now i want you to look at our activity on the site... it has been a steady trend upwards. Were doing what your staff said to do and the result... is that we apparently pissed someone off and NO ONE can even search for us unless they know our EXACT GAME NAME. We took all the screen shots if your interested.  

For example:

- If I type in “Wizard” 62 games show up except ours, which happens to be Wizards of Alamar. 

-If I search through all the games on sale, which we are running ours for 75% off… nothing. 

-If I search role playing which is what the game is under… nothing. 

So here I am saying, you win. I am sorry and will never ask a question again after this mail. But could we please get our game listed again? If not could you please have the courtesy to tell me that our game is not wanted on your site, because i don't want to waste your time or mine. And I am sorry if this post upsets anyone, but it upsets me to no end when something we have work on for such a long time, and have poured so much into is just tossed to the side without any reason why.

 The X and Z Team

i did attach the screen shots of search for wizards  and wizards of alamar. we have 30 or 40 more screen shots of various searches if you want to see those also.

Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2

mod edit: deleted the huge embeds and re-hosted them on imgur


I've replied to the new topic you created here:

Please do not reply in this thread anymore

I can't firnd Wizards of ALamar either unless I use either "alamar" or the entire name.  How would I find it if I didn't know the name?  If it weren't for this thread I would never know abou this game.  I see 61 games with wizard in the name,  there are definately at least 62 so why is there no button at the bottom at least to see more games?  Being a brand new user maybe I jsut don't know how to search this properly but I would think it would be a simple as typing a name, or partial name, in and clicking search.  


If people are interested in this ongoing conversation it has been moved to another thread... here is a link to that thread. ALL feed back would be helpful.

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This is considered spam, please do not post advertisements in unrelated topics or your community posting privileges will be revoked.

Fine i will not post anymore. is there anywhere i can post to tell people we are doing giving away the game... since they cant search for it? Any where active??? I can't do it here... i can't do it on the discord channel...

So, should I make a new thread or can I post that my project is not showing for at least 10 days here too?

Moderator (1 edit)

I assume you mean Thousands Layered Edge, because Zombie District is listed. That's because your game doesn't have any files for people to download. It's not going to show up in searches until you add some.

Edit: and yes, it would have been better to make a new topic than to necro a two-year-old thread. I only noticed your post by chance. :)

I though so, the game is still a wip, so no download link yet. Thanks for clarifying it :) 

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