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new game not showing on search

A topic by ragingmages created Sep 19, 2017 Views: 545 Replies: 4
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Hello friends,

I uploaded a new game and it is not showing on the site, only if you have the link.
I did a quick search and someone said that the admins have to test the game first. Is this still true?

The strange thing is that I already received an e-mail from with publishing status ok.

Thanks :)


That's the case if your game has a minimum price, so I'm going to guess it's about Black as Your Soul. :P

Admittedly the confirmation e-mail needs amended; it refers strictly to the fact that you've set up your game page correctly.

Yes its about Black as Your Soul.
I guess for now I should just wait for the testing process. :P

Thanks :)

Is exactly that it's happened to me: but other users have said to me that isn't a real problem. The games' provider need, in some cases, up to 24 hours to publish a game, however send you a notice that the process is starting.

It's all good now. Thanks all the staff, you guys rock! :D