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I'm glad it worked, the mobile shaders option is a low/medium version of the main shaders, that is more compatible with some mobile GPU's. If you like the game please vote for us in the Steam Greenlight :D

Hello sinkingsage! Thanks for downloading the game. Try to go to the options and enable the "mobile shaders" options. I hope it works for you ^^

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Hello friends, the time has come!
We are lauching a Steam Greenlight campaign for Lone Water and we need your help.

Please go there and hit the YES button for me! :D

Greenlight page:

Please share with your friends.

I really appreciate your vote! :D

Hey guys, thank you for all the videos and feedback! You guys rock! :)

I have interest in create a MAC build, but atm I'm focusing on finish the Win ver and later focus in the other versions. Thank you :)

Game updated :)

Changelog v_0.9.5 [uncut]

- Added new SSR Shader
- Added splash screen
- Fixed some spelling errors
- Removed the cars from the starting area
- Added new memory
- Added new note
- Detailed a bit more the rooms
- Added two new rooms
- Reduced the sfx volume of the water steps
- Improved wall textures of the storage room

Thank you guys for all the videos and feedback we got!
I'm cooking something and I hope to show very soon.

Thank you for your feedback, very well done video.

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Hello itch.io community!

This is my second game released here, this one is very different from my previous release.

Lone Water tell a history about a flooded world.
You are a lone survivor and must find clues to figure out why the world is all flooded.
There is some horror elements, but I am trying to do a more surreal kind of horror.

If you wanna know more about the game, please visit my itch.io page =]


Thank you for your time.

Someone likes Serial Experiments Lain :P