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Fair enough. Thanks for the clarification :)

Hey CoalFire, I think I know your YouTube channel, thanks for purchasing the game :)
What are your system specs?  :)

Hello friends,

I released a new game and so a created a new thread in the Release Announcements category.
Unfortunately there is no tag for paid released games, only for free, browser, sale and demo.
So I put "sale" as a tag, but I think should be better if we had a new tag for paid released games.

What do you guys think? :)

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Black as your Soul is a short horror puzzle game, about a scientific corporation trying to do everything to save mankind from total extinction.

Sometimes is better to not play god, sadly is too late.

In this game you have to explore, fight and solve puzzles to uncover the truth.

Made in Leadwerks Engine, the world is set in a near future where water has become scarce and a very precious asset.
Play time is around 25 to 40 minutes, depending on your play-style.

This game will help fund the development of my main project, Lone Water.

Game page and more info:
release sale - 15% release discount !

Thanks community, you guys rock! 

It's all good now. Thanks all the staff, you guys rock! :D

Yes its about Black as Your Soul.
I guess for now I should just wait for the testing process. :P

Thanks :)

Hello friends,

I uploaded a new game and it is not showing on the site, only if you have the link.
I did a quick search and someone said that the admins have to test the game first. Is this still true?

The strange thing is that I already received an e-mail from with publishing status ok.

Thanks :)


I'm glad it worked, the mobile shaders option is a low/medium version of the main shaders, that is more compatible with some mobile GPU's. If you like the game please vote for us in the Steam Greenlight :D

Hello sinkingsage! Thanks for downloading the game. Try to go to the options and enable the "mobile shaders" options. I hope it works for you ^^

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Hello friends, the time has come!
We are lauching a Steam Greenlight campaign for Lone Water and we need your help.

Please go there and hit the YES button for me! :D

Greenlight page:

Please share with your friends.

I really appreciate your vote! :D

Hey guys, thank you for all the videos and feedback! You guys rock! :)

I have interest in create a MAC build, but atm I'm focusing on finish the Win ver and later focus in the other versions. Thank you :)

Game updated :)

Changelog v_0.9.5 [uncut]

- Added new SSR Shader
- Added splash screen
- Fixed some spelling errors
- Removed the cars from the starting area
- Added new memory
- Added new note
- Detailed a bit more the rooms
- Added two new rooms
- Reduced the sfx volume of the water steps
- Improved wall textures of the storage room

Thank you guys for all the videos and feedback we got!
I'm cooking something and I hope to show very soon.

Thank you for your feedback, very well done video.

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Hello community!

This is my second game released here, this one is very different from my previous release.

Lone Water tell a history about a flooded world.
You are a lone survivor and must find clues to figure out why the world is all flooded.
There is some horror elements, but I am trying to do a more surreal kind of horror.

If you wanna know more about the game, please visit my page =]

Thank you for your time.

Someone likes Serial Experiments Lain :P