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New release tag option in Release Announcements

A topic by ragingmages created Sep 19, 2017 Views: 114 Replies: 3
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Hello friends,

I released a new game and so a created a new thread in the Release Announcements category.
Unfortunately there is no tag for paid released games, only for free, browser, sale and demo.
So I put "sale" as a tag, but I think should be better if we had a new tag for paid released games.

What do you guys think? :)

It is not random. Also what you said now was a problem for me. I thought BROWSER meant that the game was inserted into the gaming provider's system (BROWSER), but maybe that term means a game that can be used with the Internet BROWSER (Explorer, Mozzilla, Chrome, etc.).

SALE suggests that the game is subject to discounts, but it is definitely the closest option.


Hello, if no tag applies you should not select one. I don't recommend using sale unless your game is on sale. Thanks

Fair enough. Thanks for the clarification :)