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Running out of breakfast :)

A topic by sevr7gina created Aug 10, 2017 Views: 732 Replies: 37
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Hi all.

My name is Anna and I'm glad to start my jam devlog here. I'll try to create a runner/platformer about... egg who runs from a dining table :)

I'm not sure about the plot but like idea of the main character. Game will have name "Running out of breakfast" or "Breakfast run". For now I'm just getting aquinted with Defold and trying to make a prototype of the hero and make some experiments with physics :)

It's all for now... Keep in touch :)

A really fast Android build with Defold. I'm surprised in a good way! 

Some progress on the gif below :)

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added gamepad to my game just because I can :)

Was it hard to implement in Defold?

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A bit. I had a Wireless 360 Controller which is not supported by Defold in macos by default. I tried to generate file by gdc for merging but can't find any new files. So I just manually edited default.gamepads  and copy paste section for  xbox one conroller and rename it (copying of not wireless Microsoft 360 conroller section makes buttons work not as expected).

But I really like that I know which name I should use for my gamepad, because there was a name in error message in Defold: WARNING:INPUT: No gamepad map found for gamepad 0 (Wireless 360 Controller), it will not be used.

the yellow ball is  cute



1st prototype with 3d model... of course with some physics bugs :)

updated tablecloth with small Belarusian ornament

whoaahh... but Defold uses Box2D for 2D physics. Do you somehow map the 3D object in 2D space or do you have the ball's bounding box as a circle?

I'm using 3d object in 2d world with 2d physics because when I use 3d physics, I had a such bug

Yellow ball has a 1 shape sphere ; White ball - many shapes of sphere type


I feel that this will be a very fun game

I hope :)

sometimes when U have no idea what U are doing... fun things happens 🙂 

gif of game development :)

some more fun bugs with 3D physics :)

all week I've tried to make a 3d game but it so exausting and so many fails with camera that may be I'll return to it later

now I'll spend all my time to 2d version

you may be missing the fun of writing an engine though :P

I'm not from that category of crazy (in a good way) game developers :) and... I'm not developer at all) so I have another category of fun with Defold :)

Just curious how you're getting along with Defold, as a "non developer." I am also not a developer, no classes or really any experience with coding, and I'm finding it pretty accessible and having a lot of fun (and frustration) with it!

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I have a bit experience (~ several monthes (some evenings and weekends)) in Unity and I miss some features such as moving and rotating scene and the same about camera objects. 

Sometimes it is hard to get what you need to do in Defold because the biggest part of manuals is about 1st Editor and I'm using 2nd edition now. Sometimes I feel that I need to use 1st edition too... Screenshots in manuals is too small and it is hard to get what parameters are set on them. I'm not a programmer and big amount of code examples on Unity made a lot of help for me. Defold has no such huge data base, so sometimes I have no idea what to do and shy to ask :) 

What I really like about Defold - it is people. People are great - very positive and helpful community (if I'm brave enough to ask something). 

I'm having one more trouble with gamedev - I'm not an artist or modeler, too :) So sometimes I  have not enough inspiration to code because I see how disgusting my scene looks like) and after coding disgusting objects make disgusting things on the screen :)

the most time I feel myself like this :)

Haha, nice! Yeah, I feel about the same as you, except I get even more disappointed about the artwork because my brother is an amazing artist who has also been a video game art director for 10+ years, so I'm used to watching him draw perfect pixel graphics in about 10 minutes while I'm spending a whole day just trying to get something that is "ok" (and ignoring coding in the meantime). If the game comes together and is fun to play, after the jam is finished I think he's going to redraw everything for me and I will hopefully expand on the game and make a full length story and mission campaign (you know, in about a year or two.........)

Agree about the defold community, though. Very very friendly people. I'm mostly just a lurker on the forum, but I think I've read every single topic.

there's also a chat at

however for some reasons it is only the russian channel that is super alive. I guess it is because folks meet quite often and know each other personally.

Good luck to non-devs mastering gamedev. Fresh view on the industry is always a healthy thing.

really have no time on this week for my game :(

hope I'll compensate it on weekend

busy with ferrofluids? =]

nope :( with my real work :)

1st prototype is ready

many bugs but better than nothing :)

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black screen in Chrome(

works in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer on Windows and in Safari on MacOs

black screen in chrome indeed. But the bacon runs well in Safari.

I wonder what did you do to chrome.

Also no ferrofluid!

about black screen in Chrome

about ferrofluid: there was a requirement that game should be new and created just for jam

my game with ferrofluid was started on Unity (have some code and simple prototype with simple sprites (no real ferrofluid)) - as I understand, if I port this prototype to Defold and continue to develop it, it will not take part in a Jam because of rules

naaahhh, it is fine. You'd make a new game when porting anyway. So feel free to. It would take part in the jam.

so is it possible to provide 2 games for a jam?

or more if you can =] Just defold or corona

here already was question about submitting several games... and still no answer for 17 days...

HI! yo. I'm sorry, but 

Come on! You can do it better=))

fixed the bug. now works in chrome, too :)

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1st enemy (bacon)

suddenly... decided to rework... all style :)

new art (out of jam)