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Thx for playing! 

1) Cogs has right hitbox. Need to right setup characters to collect it. This game looks as easy game but at start each level need make plan how to complete level. Dont need to fall in "try, rewind, try ,rewind ..." sequence.

2) Precious jumps. Yes you are right, need tuneup some jump points.

3) I think you talk about level 4. This is not a wasting of player time. For logic - what you do when someone talk "YOU MUST DO ........ EXECTLY". In real life you just ***** ignore such request. Level 4 the same - i need stop and think - "what is wrong here?" and dont follow evil instrustion ... after 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9rd attempt :D I see positive reaction on friend faces when play this level. This level not a joke.

Sorry for bad lang (

ATTENTION! Linux version works with x3 speedup around a half of players! I dont know why and how .... so try use another builds! I cannot remove it!

ВНИМАНИЕ! Билд под Линукс имеет ошибку, скорость игры  в 3 раза выше. Используйте другие билды. Я не могу его удалить!

Thank you!

Спасибо за отзыв! )

Good but i think presence of moved floor enemies incresing player logic boost. And screen viewport is narrow for such game mechanic. But good good.

ATTENTION! Linux version works with x3 speedup around a half of players! I dont know why and how .... so try use another builds!

So i must waiting 30 days ((( ok.

Thank you for playing! )

Thank for the gamejam. Is allowed to pitch and sold HTML5 game version before of gamejam result. Degica allowed this? Because waiting 1 month and not a fact that my game wins ....

Да страничка игры на английском, но русский язык в игре есть - для этого надо на первом экране нажать на британский флаг и язык переключится на русский.  Спасибо за отзыв!

Thank you for feedback!

Вот с графикой странно както, половине народа нравится половина не довольна) жужжание было но я его убрал - несколько однообразных звуков утомляют со временем. К сожалению у меня мало девайсов с разным разрешением чтобы протестировать перемещение, управление завязано реактивно на тач-клик. Спасибо за еще один отзыв!

Yes, just "start-die-repeate" :D easy rules, hardcore gameplay. Thx for playing!

thx for playing, yes this is early prototype inproved after LD39. I on the way to remove such problems and make gameplay more fun. thx.

Cool one scene game but too short.

Look at video tutorial below)

Yeah i target mobile devices but also in HTML5 builds controls is nice.  Thx for playing!

How to play 

How to play

Забавно! Мне нравится твой стиль. Сделай в атласах expand borders 1 а то мухоморы видны с артефактами. 

Thx for playing! ) I am on a way to polish gameplay and want make final game random but accurate. I think sometimes "stucking" good point for challenging player. Also i want reach quick game sessions for many fun replays. So player in game must: planning actions, quick react on a droped different block types from top, avoid danger droped items annnnddd loot money in next builds.  Some types of blocks will have different active actions. Thank you for feedback! 

Release pre-alpha build !

Awesome work!

New Refrigerator! Stubs for GUI, more nice flood  waves, tune controls. PRE-PRE-PRE-PRE-ALPHA in 3 days.

(1 edit)

Controls changed and just add new COW! Wooooooooooooooooooooo .....

More self made game art ... 

(1 edit)

Project renamed to "Final Disaster", yes, this is a "Final Name" :D

Current progress screenshot, i am trying pixelart drawing style on some blocks:

Next: draw more blocks and controls refactoring.


Currently i completely reworking controls. No more keyboard keys pressing  only mouse clicks (or touches). New control type also required full code reorganization ( In free time i try to repaint tiles in pixelart style, progress is slow. Moving ahead ...

ok #defoldteam #iwaitingfor 

Looks awesome!

no #mobilebrowserswastmytime

I like art style.

I feel that this will be a very fun game


Now i start new project from my prototype LD39: Tornado by @splashshadow . I take new name and try to resolve all problems from prototype.

Start plan: 

  1. Save original idea but reworking player gameplay flow, improve player control.
  2. Resolve all problems with collisions.
  3. MORE MORE MORE original blockssssssss :D Some of them are made active.
  4. Add some NPC characters.
  5. Of course add sounds and music ... 

More information will be with the development of progress ...


Some release gifts, paid android promocodes:

05) 0H8L0ZLH8063SMCJ8LU0G14

Hi to all.

Today i release my new game - Beach Drive. This is endless runner.  Driving your favorite car, rush along the tropical beach avoiding obstacles. Collect coins, buy new cars and open additional content. Remember the pleasant moments of summer vacation!

Now i has free itchio HTML5 and paid Android game versions. If some one interesting in native build (win, lin, osx) - let me know, i create a new game page with native builds.

If you liked my game please support! Also for upcoming games! Thanks!

Thanks for entry start :D 

Now I'm trying to understand - finish this project or start a new one.