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black screen in chrome indeed. But the bacon runs well in Safari.

I wonder what did you do to chrome.

Also no ferrofluid!

about black screen in Chrome

about ferrofluid: there was a requirement that game should be new and created just for jam

my game with ferrofluid was started on Unity (have some code and simple prototype with simple sprites (no real ferrofluid)) - as I understand, if I port this prototype to Defold and continue to develop it, it will not take part in a Jam because of rules

naaahhh, it is fine. You'd make a new game when porting anyway. So feel free to. It would take part in the jam.

so is it possible to provide 2 games for a jam?

or more if you can =] Just defold or corona

here already was question about submitting several games... and still no answer for 17 days...