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Questions&Updates: awards, prizes and rewards

A topic by Defold Foundation created Jul 28, 2017 Views: 396 Replies: 6
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The whole awards and prizes topic may rise lots of questions and discussions, so I gGuess someone has to start this topic. Let it be me =]

Any questions? Fire away! In the meantime...

Spine Pro license has been added to the prize pool. And I hear more nice things are in the pipeline. Esoteric Software people will pick a game where they'd love animation work (e.g. exceptional rigging/artwork, etc.). If you're using something else than Spine today, well, that is fine and should not affect the Best Animation award in any way.

Got a notification that we should submit concepts and prototypes soon. How soon would that be? Basically I'm wondering if I have another few days to finish a workable/more dense concept.

We want to start showing off what's going on by featuring entries on the blog and social media, but we need your page setup with information about what you're doing and something too look at. So the sooner you can the better.  We are excited to see what you're up to. We will start looking for submissions to feature this week.


My very first post :)

Does the game need to be a 100% complete in terms of levels?  I have a concept and a framework that I think I can use as an entry but this game need lots of levels.   For this jam, is it okay if I just have.. say just 10-15 levels?  The core framework and UI should be considered 100%, just that I may not have enough time to design/create all levels I want :)




It does not need to be complete. We want to see your concepts too. You don't need to have every level, 10-15 would be plenty.

Thanks Rob.

I'm just curious... Is one participant only allowed to submit one game?  :)  

I'll have to ask and see.