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You did it!

The awesome journey of #CoronaDefoldJam is over now. We have a lot of prizes and really awesome winners.

Dear Winners, please email to to claim your prize.

The Community Choice

Be sure to check out the rest, as those are awesome as well.

The DevGAMM Choice

Free expo space and tickets to DevGAMM: Free tickets to DevGAMM:

The Defold choice

Best Defold Game:

The winning game gets craft Swedish headphones by JAYS. The winner shall be present at DevGAMM to receive the prize.

Best Technology with Defold:

The winning project gets three Amazon Echo Dot devices. The winner shall be present at DevGAMM to receive the prize.

The Corona choice

Best Corona Game:

The Best Corona game will be supported with 10,000 new installs acquired through mobile app install ad campaigns powered by Corona Labs partners. After the launch, the winning game will be advertised across 25,000+ iOS and Android apps serving ads worldwide until 10,000 new players installed the game directly from the ad campaign. The game must be free and live in App Store, Google Play or Amazon App Store.

Best Art with Corona:

The winning team game gets a Wacom Intuos Pro.

The Games Gathering choice:

The winning teams each get two tickets to Games Gathering 2017 in Kyiv.

Tickets to Casual Connect:

Two tickets to Casual Connect Kyiv 2017 or any Casual Connect event in 2018 go to the community choice team.

Best Animations with Spine:

The winning team gets a Spine Pro license from Esoteric Software.

Best Game chosen by Pluralsight:

The winning game gets two Pluralsight Individual licenses.

Awards Ceremony

DevGAMM in Minsk, Belarus (November 16-17) is a fun place to get together for a group selfie after the jam

  • Yes, most stuff around DevGAMM is in Russian, but the organizers try hard to help everyone feel welcome, and Belarus has waived visas recently. Now you have 2.5 reasons to visit the city where World of Tanks was born!
  • We will host the #CoronaDefoldJam awards ceremony on the main stage at DevGAMM, where Corona and Defold will give away small nice prizes and merchandise.
  • We think the challenge and the fun of a cross-cultural game jam with potentially unexplored game engines and a lesser-known programming language is the main reason to participate, but to celebrate this event, we also have prizes from Defold, Corona, DevGAMM, and other partners. We’ll update details about the prizes and awards shortly..
  • DevGAMM gathers 2000 indie developers in Minsk, Belarus to check out fresh local indie games and share the experience. It is a great opportunity to connect to the best teams from the Eastern European region and learn from global industry experts.
  • The #CoronaDefoldJam winners of the Community Choice, Best Corona Game, Best art with Corona, Best Defold Game, Best Technology with Defold are eligible to visit DevGAMM Minsk 2017 (November 16-17). 
  • If you think your jam-winning game is not ready for prime time at DevGAMM, you’ll be welcome to talk to the team and agree on showing your other game.

Welcome to #CoronaDefoldJam!

This jam is all about mostly unexplored 2D game engines, the Lua programming language, and maybe some Eastern European mood. has traditionally catered to a mainly Russian-speaking segment of the Internet, but we feel everyone wins with more diversity.

John Romero will make you love Lua

Ludum Dare 39 Keynote

The rules for #CoronaDefoldJam


Lua is the language of choice, so pick up either the Defold or Corona engine.

  • Yes, only those two this time .
  • You are welcome to reuse some existing code/assets (asset stores, public packs like this and etc. are also fine), but the game has to be created especially for the #CoronaDefoldJam.


We know that mastering new tools takes time, so this jam is a whopping two months long.

  • Starts July 28, 2017 (or the 29th depending on your time zone).
  • Ends October 1, 2017.
  • “Best Community Game” will be announced on October 17th.


We'll have 2 main categories of winners at #CoronaDefoldJam:

  • Public voting by community here at with criteria: Gameplay, Graphics, and Overall.
  • Projects hand-picked by our friends from Corona, Defold, and DevGAMM.

Prizes or Small nice things to give away to the jammers

We’d love this “befriend everybody and love Lua” initiative to be memorable, so Corona, Defold, DevGAMM and potentially someone else have contributed some fantastic items to give away to the jammers. Here is what we have so far and are looking for more:

Friendship for the win!

We’re befriending the Russian and the international community, two somewhat rival game engines, and highlighting Lua as a programming language for game development. Our goal is to bring everyone together with an opportunity to showcase their greatness. This is a lofty goal which we’re attempting to reach, so please bear with us! We’re determined to do our best to run a great jam!

Getting started

We suspect you’re new to both Corona and Defold. Here are the pitches for both of them. Choose one and head to the getting started page.

The Defold ( is a 2D-focused game engine crafted at King for those who care about rapid iterations and the fastest possible runtime performance.

Defold Forum is the fastest way to resolve most Defold questions. And there's a Slack channel dedicated to this jam: #gamejams at

Corona is a cross-platform framework ideal for rapidly creating apps and games. With its rich APIs, vast selection of plugins, Live Builds feature, and friendly community, Corona is not only an engine but an entire ecosystem for mobile and desktop games.

You're very welcome to join Corona forums or Slack channel at


Any questions?

Any questions, comments, or wishes? We’re here to help!

If you think this is cool and want to support us, throw in some extra prizes for jammers, or give something away, you’re very welcome to email Oleg.

  • Mail
  • Twitter with tag #CoronaDefoldJam
  • Community section here at

Good luck, and let's make some great games! :)

Our coolest partners and friends for this jam

  • DevGAMM - the indie event we all love and always attend
  • - similar to itch, but in Russia
  • Defold - nice and cool game engine made by King
  • Corona - cross-platform framework for apps and games
  • Esoteric - creators of the cool Spine animation tool
  • Casual Connect - series of global events for indies and publishers
  • Games Gathering - annual event for indies to hang out and learn some #gamedev
  • JAYS - they craft award winning headphones in Sweden


All submissions
Browser playable (19)
Windows (13)
macOS (7)
Linux (2)
Android (9)
Corona (17)
Defold (21)

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A fantasy-themed action-memory game
Developed in #Defold for the #CoronaDefoldJam #2017 - SAVE THE FOOD
Play in browser
O / > - A Game by It's Cover 2017 jam submission
Play in browser
This clunky fellow tries to escape from the bees. Help him!
Play in browser
A fast paced RTS, which brings quick thinking and clever tactics together for some planet conquering action.
Long road for small square which need to make a road to the top of the level.
Play in browser
#CoronaDefoldJam entry, prototype of an action arena platformer about Dracula Robot's adventures!
Mobile RPG
Role Playing
A graceful adventure with puzzle and illusions
A Simple One With a Twist
Make friends or kill everything on your way to oblivion
Play in browser
Play as a faulty robot making a bid for freedom. Made for CoronaDefoldJam.
Play in browser
Try to survive as long as possible! Detect spaces in which you will overcome the falling ceiling.
Play in browser
Save your shelter from mutants​
Play in browser
Game made by cats for cats!
Heavy vertical thrust lifter-hauler
Simple shmup with a space theme
Simple physics arena-based game with cute monsters
Drop as low as you can. And God help you.
Ride the boar and deliver mail to da boss!
Play in browser
Vacation! Driving on the beach with a great summer mood!
Play in browser
pre-alpha build for #CoronaDefoldJam
Play in browser
Ying-Goo-Di is Thai language. the meaning is 'Just shoot me!'
Play in browser
game ​with real ferrofluid animations for #CoronaDefoldJam
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game for #CoronaDefoldJam
Play in browser
Charge your sword, kill them all!
Small tower defence game.
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Meditative world destroying puzzle
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pre-alpha build for #CoronaDefoldJam
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