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Rob Miracle

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Nicely done!

That's fantastic!

Sounds like good updates! The video however is not available.


I would recommend you look at:

It has a simple engine that processes tile maps created with Tiled. We are working on some official support, but Dusk is pretty complete (I would think it would have been updated more recently than three years ago). Here's a repo that was updated about a year ago, which is likely the the latest release (


What you you mean by you can't get a one pixel border to work? What tools are you using to generate your sprite sheets?

That is awesome!

I'll have to ask and see. 

It does not need to be complete. We want to see your concepts too. You don't need to have every level, 10-15 would be plenty.

Sounds great!


You will need to talk about it on your page. If you haven't made one yet, that's where I would start. You can upload prototypes, screen shots, videos etc.


Lookin' good @madclown.

We want to start showing off what's going on by featuring entries on the blog and social media, but we need your page setup with information about what you're doing and something too look at. So the sooner you can the better.  We are excited to see what you're up to. We will start looking for submissions to feature this week.

I would ask the question about vectors in our forums: I'm sure some of our developers have solved this.  Lua isn't fully object oriented, but you can get close as you have discovered.


Great!  Keep us informed on your progress!

How are your projects developing? 

Any help we can provide?

I don't know that there are samples, but the fun of Jam themes is they are open to interpretation.  "Running out of Power" could be getting tired at the end of the day, a car running out of gas, a battery that is about out of electricity.  Some game concepts is your player has a light that gets weaker and weaker as the game plays and when the light runs out the game is over.  Perhaps you do a city building game but the more buildings that get added you have to try and keep enough electricity to keep the city running. 

If you're new to Corona, consider checking out our Getting Started Guide. It takes you through the process of completing a complete game.


And we are here to help answer any questions you might have around running Corona. 

Rob Miracle

Developer Relations Manager / Corona Labs