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gravity puzzle

A topic by Hannes created Aug 08, 2017 Views: 591 Replies: 23
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Hey there

starting a devlog here :)

The game is a simple mobile game where you have to reach the exit.

There will be various obstacles that you have to get out of the way using gravity.

you are a adventuring wizard, but sadly enough you are running out of power so you only have a limited amount of moves

i coded a super basic gravity switcher in Corona atm, want to add some basic gameplay and gfx

Good! When you have another update, let us know.

Love the idea of switching gravity :)

some notes:

todo list in order:

limit gravityswitches + counter on screen

create basic puzzle hardcoded

prevent gravity from switching while it is still falling

make a reset level function

make char walk to exit once block falls in place

make the level finish when you reach the end

create multiple levels

load turn amount, and level layout from levels

make one level launch when other is finished




last: set up menu, levels, ...


make your guy also get affected by gravity

some levels he can tie himself to something

sticky cobwebs keep a  block from falling once it falls in it

if your char is also affected  by gravity it makes puzzles way intenser since if there are spikes behind your char you cant swipe him in that direction


physics arent perfect, the cube is vibrating when standing still. then when i change gravity because the cube is vibrating ( = moving) it is off 1 pixel and does not fit in the gap

is it a variant to make the hole 1-2 pixels wider?

that would only fix this scenario, but it would still breack puzzles

for now  i coded a gridmanager who checks  if a tile is free and  moves the cube to it. so not using buildin physics anymore

got the gridmanager to work with multiple cubes, was a bigger hasle than expected

starting to create some graphics. atm dont yet know how to use tilesets in game. if anyone knows please post it here


looks amazing :)

also have the gameplay and winconditions working

for the tiling i found this, will try using this together with a custom json importer

works kinda
cant get the  1 pixel border to work

(1 edit)

ok found out the 1 pixel border export in pyxel is different from what corona expects. corona seems to expect a 2 pixel border when you say 1 pixel. because it takes a 1 pixel border around every tile, so 2 tiles next to each other both have a 1 pixel border therefor there are 2 pixels in between them.
whereas the export from pyxel only puts 1 pixel between both. dont know what the best way to fix this would be. can edit sourcefile manually but is a pain. hopefully there is a way to do it in code

i could also create a photoshop batchscript change the sourcefile. which i d run everytime i export. that might be easiest

What you you mean by you can't get a one pixel border to work? What tools are you using to generate your sprite sheets?

(3 edits)

when i set border to 1 i get an error regarding the sprite

the error goes away when i increase the resolution of the sprite

here are some images explaining it better

the image corona needs when border set to 1:

the image Pyxel outputs:

corona expects a 2 pixel border when border is set to 1
1 pixel for every tile means 2 pixel border if 2 tiles next each other

else i get this

now i have a first version working. 

exported from pyxel to corona and imports correctly from json :D

making more progress

it is starting to get fun now :D

implemented full pipeline

now  i can create sprites in Pyxel, and directly export them to corona

then it autoloads the level layout from a json, spawns all objects that can move, and lays outthe objects that cant move

and when you complete 1 level it will load the next one


wow. I really like it :)

(1 edit) (+1)

concept art - overpaint in paint

i m continuing development on this game, the version i submitted is a basic prototype. but its not as finished as i want it to be
i had a lot of fun working on this project and also was great to try out pixel art for the first time.

(1 edit)

added lvl loading, and a menu
also updated the page on itch io 

going to finish this baby even if the jam is over and the world ends ;)

this game is now on kickstarter :)