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Wizards of the Academy

A topic by Broken Time Machine Games created Sep 19, 2017 Views: 645 Replies: 14
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I successfully submitted my game: Wizards of the Academy. I've been planning this game for about a year and made it in about 1.5 months. It's a great feeling finishing a game for this jam, so thanks everyone!

Good luck for those of you who are still working hard finishing your game. Almost two weeks is a lot of time, so keep up the good work!

Here's a small introduction from my page:

The world is in danger! There are hordes of goblins, skeletons, trolls and whatnots on the roads everywhere! The Academy finally decided to stop this: it's time to wipe out the evil for good.

The wizards (you) are learning new spells as they roam the world. After spending decades on the Academy, they can finally show what they are capable of.

This is an action-packed memory game. You have to remember dozens of spells and recall the right one in a flash.

Let me know your thoughts about the game!


wow, really cool :)

i love the art and the classy feel

Thanks! Glad you like it! :)


Nicely done!

Thanks Rob!         


Dude! Dude! (Hopefully you're a dude, sorry for assuming...) Dude! This looks fantastic!

Billstranger! Your assumption is correct, I'm a dude. Thanks! You can check out if it also sounds good.             


also I love the scope of the game. I think it is fantastic you were able to do it in 1.5 month!

Thanks, but it wasn't anything special. I already tried to figure out the basic mechanics in other engines before starting in Corona. And I found a very basic endless runner template for my project.
So I made the game for the jam, but haven't started it from zero. I also had clear plans for the game.          


Awesome work!



so i played it finally, and it's pretty friggin' cool! My only complaint is my own fault, which is that calluses on all my fingers on both hands from guitar means I SUCK at touchscreens, so sometimes i make the right spell but it doesn't register :( gonna take some practice to get through this one, haha!

Thanks! I can understand your problem after playing the guitar for 6 years. The best thing to do is finding the balance between doing spells fast and precisely. And I would start with precision, just like with the guitar :)          

I uploaded a windows version, just in case. I will delete it after the voting. It's the same as the android version, no updates there.

And by the way I replied to your kind comments from my phone, and haven't noticed there's a Reply button... Sorry about that!