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Escape From Disaster

A topic by DrunkChipRobotics (DMiroshnychenko) created Aug 15, 2017 Views: 593 Replies: 15
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Now i start new project from my prototype LD39: Tornado by @splashshadow . I take new name and try to resolve all problems from prototype.

Start plan: 

  1. Save original idea but reworking player gameplay flow, improve player control.
  2. Resolve all problems with collisions.
  3. MORE MORE MORE original blockssssssss :D Some of them are made active.
  4. Add some NPC characters.
  5. Of course add sounds and music ... 

More information will be with the development of progress ...


Sounds great!

this time with mobile browser support? ;-) #yesyoucan

no #mobilebrowserswastmytime


ok #defoldteam #iwaitingfor 

Currently i completely reworking controls. No more keyboard keys pressing  only mouse clicks (or touches). New control type also required full code reorganization ( In free time i try to repaint tiles in pixelart style, progress is slow. Moving ahead ...

(1 edit) (+1)

Project renamed to "Final Disaster", yes, this is a "Final Name" :D

Current progress screenshot, i am trying pixelart drawing style on some blocks:

Next: draw more blocks and controls refactoring.


I really like brick wall)

More self made game art ... 

(1 edit)

Controls changed and just add new COW! Wooooooooooooooooooooo .....

I really like cows :)

nice progress compared to the jam game. 

New Refrigerator! Stubs for GUI, more nice flood  waves, tune controls. PRE-PRE-PRE-PRE-ALPHA in 3 days.


Release pre-alpha build !

How to play