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Help to translate the Theme

A topic by Jhonatan Morais created Jul 29, 2017 Views: 339 Replies: 4
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Hello guys, i'm not a native english speaker.  Can anyone tell me better what means: Running out of Power?

There are some game sample to guide  me?


I don't know that there are samples, but the fun of Jam themes is they are open to interpretation.  "Running out of Power" could be getting tired at the end of the day, a car running out of gas, a battery that is about out of electricity.  Some game concepts is your player has a light that gets weaker and weaker as the game plays and when the light runs out the game is over.  Perhaps you do a city building game but the more buildings that get added you have to try and keep enough electricity to keep the city running. 

Oh Rob, really thanks. Now i have got the idea. Sometimes isn't  easy get the real mean of english terms.

Let's open the defold. muahahah.

see you!

Is the CoronaDefoldJam theme optional? Because I know that it isn't mandatory on Ludum Dare.


wooops. Dunno how I missed this thread. Yes it is optional for CoronaDefoldJam to follow any themes.