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Haha, nice! Yeah, I feel about the same as you, except I get even more disappointed about the artwork because my brother is an amazing artist who has also been a video game art director for 10+ years, so I'm used to watching him draw perfect pixel graphics in about 10 minutes while I'm spending a whole day just trying to get something that is "ok" (and ignoring coding in the meantime). If the game comes together and is fun to play, after the jam is finished I think he's going to redraw everything for me and I will hopefully expand on the game and make a full length story and mission campaign (you know, in about a year or two.........)

Agree about the defold community, though. Very very friendly people. I'm mostly just a lurker on the forum, but I think I've read every single topic.

there's also a chat at

however for some reasons it is only the russian channel that is super alive. I guess it is because folks meet quite often and know each other personally.

Good luck to non-devs mastering gamedev. Fresh view on the industry is always a healthy thing.