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Starting things and never finishing?! Who would do that?! *Looks intensely at self* At this point i count it as part of the process. Trying things until one grabs our mind, and then we run with it.

Do not worry too much, 'twas fun!`

Things are coming up nicely! Whoever had the idea to make mushroom cement, good job!

Holes are always good.

Let's let's go go.

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Don't trust those chickens!

C'mon let's ramp it up!

Works for me.

As of now it is pretty easy to get underground and out, but i think we should make some stairs. Also some ramps. Not only those will make people's lives easier, but it will also help moving things to and fro.

*heavily breathing* Why is this so far away. There is no need for this... post... to be so... out... there... Oh............ Now it makes sense. Here, some wood and metal and tools and cinnamon air fresheners.

I made some fun shaped dried mushroom pellets. I hope the doggies like 'em. I hope they like the fact that they are being thrown at then with a makeshift trebuchet even more.

I think we should leave as mush room as possible for the mushroom to mush.

Ok, i need to know. Is it just me that finds the chicken shaped mushrooms weird?

Wh- who brought a book about... *checks notes* licking *checks other notes* arcane runes?

Our voluntary librarians seem to be having fun at the librarianship workshop. Looks like they'll do great at managing information.

What happens if... another home project gets completed? >.>

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The tunnel ended up really well. Next step is figuring out what to use all this space for.

I suggest we build library in one of the tunnel's branches . Not only we need a place to store our discoveries and knowledge, but also a place we can gather to discuss further actions.

ah, yes, this. Hello. I'm Zé. I try to make games on my spare time. Due to the fact that i started making an engine it has been some time since i made one. but now that it is usable i'm on it again. I just need to learn to... *checks papers* draw and compose? Oh boy.

I'll start moving the old signage out. Maybe something of use is still in good-ish conditions?

You can do it    \o\   /o/


'Ello, fellow diggers. What a nice day to pay our respects to the hole! *diiiiiiiig* *dig dig dig* *diii               g*

Oh, i mean the old one. With the history.

I like the message list more. The amount of clicks it saves is no joke.

Been playing some games in Tabletop Simulator. Great way to long-distance-play board games with friends.

Really liking the scripting possibilities also.

Yes, i find that having a list of posts along all the forums removes some of the burden of finding a place to start in a forum.

Also: I liked the message history at the bottom. Made it easy to know what happened since your last visit.

Don't know about you, but working on something i like(and having some nice homemade food around) sounds like a good day off. :P

Why not wingdings?

Ah, EVE. Every time i hear its name i have to resist the urge to play it. >.>

Used to set up shop in low population systems in low security space(where PvP can and will happen)* and convince the locals to protect my cargo so i can sell then cheap(cheaper than neighbor systems but still more expensive than in trade hubs) things. Got conned into paying for protection only to get my things blown up a couple times before i wised up. Damn you! *shakes fists at pirates*. *remembers that i made a lot of money out of pirates* Well, it was not that bad!

*PvP can happen pretty much anywhere in EVE if players want it bad enough.