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[1N, underground] Build a library [needs 10 replies] Locked

A topic by Zetsaika created Oct 07, 2018 Views: 292 Replies: 11
This topic was locked by droqen Oct 15, 2018

Project complete.

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The tunnel ended up really well. Next step is figuring out what to use all this space for.

I suggest we build library in one of the tunnel's branches . Not only we need a place to store our discoveries and knowledge, but also a place we can gather to discuss further actions.

I got these books. Maybe we can prop other books against these books?

Donates discoveries and knowledge

I figure the most important thing to have in a library is an arrangement of bean bag chairs. Without them, one has no place to relax as they engage in their studies! I looked as hard as I could to find polystyrene beads being produced at some kind of thermoplastic polymer processing factory inside the tunnel to use as the filling for the chairs, but alas, there didn't seem to be any. The next best thing was rocks, so I suppose they'll have to do. I gathered some moss I found growing in the tunnel to serve as the outer fabric containing the rocks and made four bean bag chairs. They're surprisingly comfortable! So comfortable, in fact, that I think I might just spend the rest of the day relaxing, slouching in my comfy rock moss chairs. You all are free to come take a load off too!

Our voluntary librarians seem to be having fun at the librarianship workshop. Looks like they'll do great at managing information.

A library is necessary for any well-read and thoughtful township!

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I started planning the intricate systems that define the way the library's logistics could work. How late fees are handled, the proper technique with which our librarians should "shush" noisy readers, I even made a neat classification system for books that can help us organize the shelves! In honor of the new old flooded house project that I didn't get to finish, I opted to name this system with the delectably damp name "the Dewy Decimal System."

I needed a place to document this system in text, so I went ahead and wrote over one of the books I found laying around. I hope no one minds! It didn't seem too important; it only contained some strange drawings of outlandish-looking symbols. One page even had some particularly peculiar imagery of someone licking these dastardly eldritch glyphs! It was clear this book was complete nonsense and likely wouldn't be of any use to us in the future, so I didn't think anyone would miss it.

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I spent today writing 1000 books to fill the library with. Two of the books are about screws and screwdrivers respectively, three hundred or so are intricate mystery novels, and the rest are all erotica. While my output as an author is extraordinary, I'm afraid I'm not gifted in a great range of genres.

I hope your irriguous category system can handle these books, Katie!

a tunnel-library sounds really good

Wh- who brought a book about... *checks notes* licking *checks other notes* arcane runes?

That screwdriver book was just what I needed to get this Card Catalog into shape! (I'd been spending all day trying to get it to hold together with packed mud.) Plus I've now collected a droplet of dew from various aboveground plants and grasses, placed each droplet between two small panes of glass, and affixed these dewy specimens to the front of each drawer. 

I feel bad that I didn't have a chance to organize the cards and books any further, but now that the library is complete(!) I'm sure some feral librarians will wander in and get down to librarian business.

Good job everyone!

The library has been built! Feel free to [STUDY] Anything you like in the library. [only 5 replies required], but specify in the text: "only 5 replies because I'm studying in the library".

Project complete.

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