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hey now

Yucka pucka

Bahaha, this is an awesome idea. Maybe make it karaoke style so that the player has something to sing along with.

You might not have started on time, the art's cool at least! I'm curious how you achieved that sweet glitchy video effect.

The low movement speed made this very hard to play--didn't feel very good at all. I kept playing though because the art was rad, shooting enemies to make them ragdoll felt really good and was funny, and the game reminded me of Thief.

Try implementing this controller into your game:

With better controls, you'll be able to make the game harder in a more fair way too. Smarter enemies, etc.

Then with a bit of polish and more content, you've already got a really really fun stealth-shooter game on your hands. Being able to silently snipe enemies with your loud handgun from across the room doesn't really make sense, but it's fun and feels good. Run with that idea!

Feels kinda unfinished--rad art though. Not sure if that thing in the middle is supposed to be sucking in my bullets, but either way, it's a really potentially awesome mechanics that you could play with. Get the grapple hook and jetpack working, and let the player shoot faster (check out a talk called "The Art of Screenshae") and you've got a really fun game on your hands.

Hey, that was fun! Enjoyed it a lot. Loved having to check my corners and shoot from a distance while they rushed me. Definitely felt very exposed to these horrible Y2K monsters. Basically Doom with kitchen utensils, right?

...I've never played Doom.

Just tried playing another game and ran into the same issue. Must just be my computer then!

LOVE the art... unfortunately, I was unable to move and attack at the same time. Tried in Firefox, Chrome, and the downloaded version, but after pressing a movement key there was a two or three second cooldown before I could click again. I was working on a game of my own in Game Maker HTML5 where I had the exact same problem--not sure if it's just my computer or what. I'm on Windows 8.1, if that helps.

Great game! Atmosphere is fantastic, the puzzles are great... it's obvious you put a lot of thought into this, like the part where you emerge onto a city rooftop and can only see the steps from one angle.

I think the game might be more suited to a linear experience where you sort of fake letting the player wander around, as opposed to what it is now where there are the branching paths. It would make the game more mysterious and less confusing at the same time--I'm not sure how many red orbs I collected, but knowing that my goal was to collect nine of them made them feel kinda Macguffiny. I think if you used them as guideposts that give the player positive feedback instead, the player would feel even MORE lost while simultaneously having a better idea of where to go... if that makes sense.

But awesome game.

I really dig the mood! Maybe get some nice sound in there too to further enhance it. There's gotta be more to do though--perhaps I didn't play for long enough, but there wasn't too much to grab my attention.

I like that you defined the game as a "drifter." :) Put a lot more work into this and you've got a pretty excellent drifter on your hands.

Cool puzzle game! Very well made, as far as game jams go. Great job!

The game speed is way too fast, making it kind of impossible to play, but other than that, I love everything about it. Very, very well-polished.

I love the idea, but the game's kind of hard to play. Make it easier to play, throw some goofy sound effects in there, and I'd say you've got yourself an A-class game.

Excellent presentation.

Not a whole lot to it, but the art is wonderful. Music and sound goes perfectly with it too! Nice job. Glad to see I'm not the only one who made a poop game. :)

Took me a little bit to figure out what I was supposed to do. Not much to it, but I could see it becoming really interesting if you fleshed it out! I would try using some more colors; all the candies kind of blend together.

Some interesting mechanics in this! I'd love to see you flesh it out some more. More levels, a slightly better learning curve; try to teach the player how to play the game through the gameplay. And let me jump with the W key, that way I can use one hand to move and one hand to aim.

I really like the main character sprite, by the way!

Props for a funny name!





(Might act kinda funky on 4K or multi-monitor setups; let me know if it does!)

This is awesome! Great sound design too.

Took me a minute to realize what the point of the game was, but once I did I really dug it--which is similar to what people always tell me about my games, so needless to say I enjoyed this!

It could use a lot more polish, which I'm sure you already know, but as far as the concept goes, this is a pretty cool one. servers were having some issues last week that prevented certain games from being downloaded even when they click the Download button; your download numbers are probably out of sync with the number of people who actually played your game, if they're anything like mine. :/

Good news is that the problem is fixed now. If the download still isn't working, let support know!

I really enjoyed this! LOVE the Gameboy aesthetic mixed with modern juice and lighting, awesome visual polish in here. I think Rollerpig's invincibility made the game way too easy, but part of me doesn't care because I had a ton of fun using it, haha... at least until Level 14 or so when his rolling ability stopped working for me. I played a little bit as Ratbone too, and his ability was great! Seriously, I love how great it feels to defeat enemies in this game. Awesome job!

Very cool and simple! Beat all six levels. Almost reminds me of a boss battle from a WarioWare game for some reason, haha.

It took me a while to realize that you guard by standing still. I really enjoyed learning how to play this! I'd love to see two master samurai face off against one another. ;)

SO CUTE!!!!!

Rym 9000 community · Created a new topic I like it!

Hey! Just played the Rym 9000 demo for a tiny bit! I got up to the blue part and wasn't quite sure how to handle those enemies so I died, haha. Talk about juicy, this game's polished out the wazoo! Shooting enemies feels awesome. Even dying feels awesome! The movement speed felt a little on the sluggish side for me, but I'm guessing that's one of those things that's already been finely-tuned for specific reasons and I'll just have to get used to it. :) Does the game have controller support? I only played with a keyboard, but I think an analog stick would be perfect!

I'd love a fullscreen mode too! I think that'd make the game more readable without ruining its awesome aesthetic. Definitely looking forward to the full release! Great job!

I'm up to the fourth game and am really enjoying this so far! Descent was simple enough; definitely the most traditional of the games in this Session, but still unique enough to have a cool twist. It's super fun to go back to and play after the others, which are much weirder.

Lightner is the slowest and so far most unique of the bunch. It almost feels like a strategy game! This one is perfectly-paced for me; I like a game that wants me to react fast, but not super-crazy-split-second fast. Make me think a little too! A lot of the challenge in Lightner comes from wanting to go through it faster than you need to; in fact, that's indicative of one thing I really like about all the games in this collection, which is that the fail state isn't just a matter of having time run out or hitting a wall and suddenly failing, it's usually an amalgamation of stuff happening on the screen that leads to you get overwhelmed and losing. Lightner does end up being waaay easier than all the others though; I got an A rank in like three tries!

Big Brother has the coolest presentation so far. It's more "interesting" to play than it is fun to play. Mechanically, it's not super unique (Descent is better!); the interesting-ness comes from figuring out how to play it while being absorbed in its opressing atmosphere. My complaint with this one is that Level 2 seems to be harder than the later levels (maybe it's just me!), but either way, definitely a cool thing. Learning how to see the lasers of death was a cool experience. ("Cool!" "Interesting!" Cool and interesting! Everything is cool and interesting!)

Charging Panis is definitely the one I've found most difficult. I feel like I haven't "solved" it yet; when the buttons are too close to the edge of the screen, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot I can do to prevent the balls of death from killing my clones. I think the secret is ensuring that there's always at least one clone on each group of buttons and then focusing on pressing one at a time, but I can't quite get the rhythm down between defending existing clones and spawning new ones for unpressed buttons.

Definitely gonna play more of this! Awesome game, thanks for making it!!

High Scores:

Descent - 643

Lightner - 1362

Big Brother - 176

Charging Panic - 55

This was pretty cool! I was halfway through farming my Rubies and the game crashed, but I dug (lol) what I played!

Not yet! I played up until world 7, I think--I'll go back to it eventually! :D

Hey, I dug this a lot! Really fun Super Meat Boy-like. Some feedback, since it's still in beta.

-Having the wall jump be activated with just one key, rather than the usual two, feels really nice and makes a lot of sense! This was a super nice touch.

-Going through the exit door doesn't need to be a button press--if I get to the exit door, I'll obviously want to go through it!

-Respawn times could be much shorter. Steal the instant deaths and respawns from Meat Boy too. ;)

-I think there are a lot of tiiiiny tweaks you could make to the controls to make the game feel a little better too. For example, making it so that the upwards motion of a jump only lasts as long as the up arrow is pressed--this would change how the game is played a little bit and might require reworking some of the levels, like 503, but would make the moment-to-moment experience feel a little juicer. (Probably!) Maybe play with the acceleration a little bit too, during the split second between pressing the left or right arrow and reaching full speed?

-Some of the cooler particle effects feel a little out of place, haha. Like the cloud of blood that appears when you die--definitely rad as hell, but doesn't totally jive with the art style.

Really enjoyed my time with this though! Very fun platformer with some great level design. I like how the levels are sort of puzzle-y, and that you sort of need to figure out the right way to jump through them, rather than just executing a path you already know. Looking forward to playing the final version!

I enjoyed this! Cool atmosphere, great music. I'd like for the song to just keep playing when you die, and I think some more detail in the terrain could spice things up too. Really good for a Ludum Dare game!

Ooo, this was good! Just long enough to convey the mundanity of this job without actually getting to be boring. Really dug the ending. Cool message.