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Rym 9000

Hyperkinetic shooter designed to make your eyes bleed · By Sonoshee

I like it!

A topic by Secret_Tunnel created Oct 22, 2016 Views: 368 Replies: 1
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Hey! Just played the Rym 9000 demo for a tiny bit! I got up to the blue part and wasn't quite sure how to handle those enemies so I died, haha. Talk about juicy, this game's polished out the wazoo! Shooting enemies feels awesome. Even dying feels awesome! The movement speed felt a little on the sluggish side for me, but I'm guessing that's one of those things that's already been finely-tuned for specific reasons and I'll just have to get used to it. :) Does the game have controller support? I only played with a keyboard, but I think an analog stick would be perfect!

I'd love a fullscreen mode too! I think that'd make the game more readable without ruining its awesome aesthetic. Definitely looking forward to the full release! Great job!


Thank you for playing and for this insightful feedback! <3

I wish I had made the movement less slower from the beginning, now that I have 4 levels each having ~5 enemy-behaviors it's hard to reprogram all those enemies so as to be balanced with a faster/slower player. I'll definitely look into it though, maybe increasing speed a little won't introduce any issues.

Controller support is on my to-do list, didn't get around implementing it for this demo. But it's definitely a must!

I'm afraid I'm not hoping to add fullscreen support since the window's content has to be scaled roundly to preserve that retro look.
Though I'll make sure to provide an option menu from where you can resize the game's window ( for the demo you can press F1/2/3/4/ to change the resolution)

Thanks again for playing! Make sure to stick around while I'm finishing the game :D