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I'm up to the fourth game and am really enjoying this so far! Descent was simple enough; definitely the most traditional of the games in this Session, but still unique enough to have a cool twist. It's super fun to go back to and play after the others, which are much weirder.

Lightner is the slowest and so far most unique of the bunch. It almost feels like a strategy game! This one is perfectly-paced for me; I like a game that wants me to react fast, but not super-crazy-split-second fast. Make me think a little too! A lot of the challenge in Lightner comes from wanting to go through it faster than you need to; in fact, that's indicative of one thing I really like about all the games in this collection, which is that the fail state isn't just a matter of having time run out or hitting a wall and suddenly failing, it's usually an amalgamation of stuff happening on the screen that leads to you get overwhelmed and losing. Lightner does end up being waaay easier than all the others though; I got an A rank in like three tries!

Big Brother has the coolest presentation so far. It's more "interesting" to play than it is fun to play. Mechanically, it's not super unique (Descent is better!); the interesting-ness comes from figuring out how to play it while being absorbed in its opressing atmosphere. My complaint with this one is that Level 2 seems to be harder than the later levels (maybe it's just me!), but either way, definitely a cool thing. Learning how to see the lasers of death was a cool experience. ("Cool!" "Interesting!" Cool and interesting! Everything is cool and interesting!)

Charging Panis is definitely the one I've found most difficult. I feel like I haven't "solved" it yet; when the buttons are too close to the edge of the screen, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot I can do to prevent the balls of death from killing my clones. I think the secret is ensuring that there's always at least one clone on each group of buttons and then focusing on pressing one at a time, but I can't quite get the rhythm down between defending existing clones and spawning new ones for unpressed buttons.

Definitely gonna play more of this! Awesome game, thanks for making it!!

High Scores:

Descent - 643

Lightner - 1362

Big Brother - 176

Charging Panic - 55