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I drop a canary rope (but keep one end up here! secured around a very heavy and ornate canary cage!) so obskyr can climb down it.  

If the canary rope stops singing, climb up right quick!

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I'm going to drop a canary down it to see how long it keeps making a sound.

(Also, I wonder if the rule of thumb might be 10 replies to build a new location, but only 5 replies to do things in already-established places.)

That screwdriver book was just what I needed to get this Card Catalog into shape! (I'd been spending all day trying to get it to hold together with packed mud.) Plus I've now collected a droplet of dew from various aboveground plants and grasses, placed each droplet between two small panes of glass, and affixed these dewy specimens to the front of each drawer. 

I feel bad that I didn't have a chance to organize the cards and books any further, but now that the library is complete(!) I'm sure some feral librarians will wander in and get down to librarian business.

Good job everyone!

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So maybe this was a bit reckless, but I went ahead and licked some of the runes. I'm sorry! I was very careful to lick as gently as possible.

And while this has contributed little to linguistic comprehension (and perhaps much to extra wooziness -- hard to tell), I'm now pretty sure I'm seeing things I couldn't see before: 

A hole NE of here?  A doghouse under construction to the west? A ghostly and faintly flickering research lab due south of here, and an even more ghostly (and even more faintly flickering ) waterlogged home directly on top of (and inside of?) our nice tunnel home? Yikes!

I think I'd better lie down for the rest of the day, but I'm taking a notebook with me, and I'll yell out if I have any etymological insights.

Oh, dear, let's maybe not mess too much with the arcane runes etched into some of these walls. One bit in the back got scratched up an hour or two ago and now it's sort of o-o-o-z-i-n-g  in a way that makes me a touch queasy just to look at it, and plus also I'm not totally sure I can't still see them when I close my eyes. Maybe those torches will help.