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[HOME] clear out the old tunnel [needs 10 replies] Locked

A topic by TomSmizzle created Oct 06, 2018 Views: 359 Replies: 10
This topic was locked by droqen Oct 07, 2018

Project complete.

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It's not glamourous but with some work we'll be able to fix it up. I'll start by moving all the obviously dangerous debris out of trip hazard range.

Here, let me give you a hand, Tom. I'm pitching in, moving debris outside and adding to the pile, wondering if we could somehow put this material to good use somewhere.

I'll start moving the old signage out. Maybe something of use is still in good-ish conditions?

Seems a noble goal. Kinda dark and cold in here though. I light a nice little campfire near the entrance, just some place to warm up and rest between hauling.

Maybe some of us can work together to move the larger pieces of debris.

I'll start decorating by placing tasteful knicknacks around and about, drawing pictures on the walls.

This tunnel has needed some work for a while, plus might find some valuable stones for other projects. Glad this being done and ready to help.

I'm going to try and work on some lighting inside, use the campfire as a base to get some torches up

Oh, dear, let's maybe not mess too much with the arcane runes etched into some of these walls. One bit in the back got scratched up an hour or two ago and now it's sort of o-o-o-z-i-n-g  in a way that makes me a touch queasy just to look at it, and plus also I'm not totally sure I can't still see them when I close my eyes. Maybe those torches will help.

Wow, the place is looking sweet! It's real back-breaking work clearing this rubble out and, I've gotta be honest, I did start to wonder if we couldn't put it into the construction of some sort of research lab, that we could use to figure out ways to save us ever having to do this kind of work again. But it's picked up, and I'm not really sure it'd be a good idea to cut this sort of work out of our lives.

What could be worth doing, though, is deciphering these runes! Who knows what secrets they hold? I'm up for starting construction on a research lab tomorrow, if no one else does, whose first project could be dedicated to these runes...

Well, it already looks great in here, I'll just sweep the floor from all the dust and dirt.

Hey, did any of you make these very slight engravings on the ground?

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