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Reclaiming "social games"

games about the humans who play them · By droqen

[OUTPOST] View from the outpost [needs 8] [please post sprites!] Locked

A topic by droqen created Oct 18, 2018 Views: 243 Replies: 8
This topic was locked by droqen Oct 24, 2018

Project complete

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We can really get the lay of the land out here.

From this high outpost, we can see the world within 2 tiles...

When you post in this thread, please provide an 18x18 sprite for a single as-yet-unsprited item from the list below. After 8 posts, no more unclaimed spaces will exist, and I'll lock the thread.

  1. The Outpost's Legs
  2. Clear-Cut Woods
  3. Valley Of Small Mushrooms
  4. An Immense Mountain
  5. Suspicious Watering Hole
  6. Suspicious Regular Hole
  7. Suspicious Bushes & Trees
  8. Suspicious Chickens

(your sprites don't have to be beautiful, it's ok!)

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Don't trust those chickens!

This watering hole sure is suspicious.

I tells ya, these bushes and trees ain't up to no good

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The outpost has sturdy legs climbing up through the cool shade of the thick bushes and plants

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  A gloomy valley that leads up to the outpost hill . It is speckled with mushrooms of peculiar, radiant colors. It's marshy, the many shallow pools that snake along the mossy floor make it hard to pass through without boots on. The sky seems to suddenly turn overcast whenever you step into the valley.

The mushrooms periodically discharge some sort of secretion through the volva at the base of the stem. Despite this, and the fusty and sour smell, they appear edible.


this hole seems regular. almost... TOO regular

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Here stands an immense mountain. It's a majestic sight that fills you with a sense of serenity. Just looking at it you can almost feel the crisp, cool mountain air.

Makes you wonder about the all things you would find and see if you made the ascent to the peak.

Once this area was densely wooded, but not now. The trees have all been harvested, the stumps cut close to the ground. Ah, progress.

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