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harmph? cronk. NOM nom! harmph?

lmao yes once i figured out why this happened i decided not to fix it because it's funnier that way


nnnggmmmmmm i love this....... very very good. i like the submarine stuff, i like the factory stuff.... sexy and creepy and eerie and dark.... the bit about the different fantasies of what happens when you dive into molten metal.... huge chef kiss, beautiful 

i love the use of video in this... scenes described with a stock image for a whole vibe... and of course for sensation.... excellent!

i loved this.... the sounds are so good, and the art...... i love the way you get the descriptions of things as percentages, super cool..... and a spaceship that is a body that is a milkion bodies living in hell....... cool....

i just wanted to say i really love this game, i'm having so much fun with it. great work!

I think that mimic with the dangly arms is the friendliest mimic, so this is an excellent run all around 

use it for whatever you like! if you could just credit me in your twitter profile if you use it there (@tomsmizzle) but on discord or whatever feel free to just use it!

could you make it so that the object pool background is a different colour to the colours you can choose from? or make it changable? i made a story where pink was one of the main colours i used and it made it quite hard to tell the pieces apart

i dig in the hole


this hole seems regular. almost... TOO regular

i dig in the hole

i dig_in the hole

i drop the rope to see if it makes a sound

the pebble still hasn’t made a sound...

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This hole has taunted us with its vertical-tunnel-esque mystery for too long, I want to understand the hole.

I'm going to start by dropping a pebble in it and seeing how long it takes to make a sound.

i make some more space because there wasn’t mushroom

i'll try to organise them  following the dewy decimal system, starting with the moistest mushrooms on the left

if we get ourselves a lovely dog or pig to sniff out food sources that'd solve some problems... or maybe a cat to bring us its conquests some of which might be edible

i'll try and arrange some of the softest looking debris into a lovely pet bed

I'm gonna look for linguistic patterns, work out the morphology of the words and whether the etymological roots are recognisable

ah whoops, me and obskyr made essentially the same topic at the same time, can i delete my post and add it as a reply to theirs?

we got tunnels, we got holes... a world of possibility

the tunnel is my baby and i'll hear no foul word about it but i gotta give props to water logs, that's hilarious

I'm going to try and work on some lighting inside, use the campfire as a base to get some torches up

ah! sorted. i have high hopes for my gross tunnel I'm not 100% sure if i did it right? I can't see the 18x18 image i posted but that might be my forum-fu being out of date

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It's not glamourous but with some work we'll be able to fix it up. I'll start by moving all the obviously dangerous debris out of trip hazard range. here's an archive of the video!