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Reclaiming "social games"

games about the humans who play them · By droqen


A topic by droqen created Oct 07, 2018 Views: 403 Replies: 16
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From the mouth of the tunnel, we can see the rest of the world.

we got tunnels, we got holes... a world of possibility

Is there any chance of a Linux build of the world viewer? I can run the Windows build through Wine well enough, but a native build would be much more convenient

I'll give it a shot! Will reply to this message when I have an untested build up, hoping you're ok with a possibly-broken build since I have no way of testing it myself, hehe :X

If a linux build works, is there a chance of an Android one?

What if... I made an HTML5 build? Would that solve for both Linux and Android?

An HTML5 build would be great!

Does this work?

Works for me.

Sounds perfect!

Does this work... on Android?

The biggest issue I foresee is I don't really do anything about touch... and I don't think touch emulates a mouse cursor position?

Let me know!

wowow i can click on stuff

It doesn't work on my phone (I get a popup saying WebGL isn't supported on mobiles and then it gets as far as the d/q emblem and stops).

But it does mean I can check in a browser without having to run a downloaded executable, which is most helpful - thanks!

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There's been an update to the WORLD VIEWER APPLICATION, but still no HTML5 build -- itch is https and won't let me access my lowly non-https server ;_;

Cool, the new application works great! 

Btw, if you haven't tried it yet, check out Let's Encrypt - it's free and easy to set up HTTPS

Working on this! Now I've https'd all my websites, but not the 1st dragon server, haha

Hmm. So does that mean there's an HTML5 build that won't work on itch but could work elsewhere, say if saved locally? Might that be a (at least partial) solution?