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Katie Wolfe

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I tells ya, these bushes and trees ain't up to no good

I put some finishing touches on the wood around the outpost. Literally. I got a few splinters when I was rolling around on the floor, so I decided to start sanding down the wood to make it nice and smooth. I covered it in various strange goos I found slorping around to try to give it a nice-looking finish, and I must say, I'm pretty proud of how it looks. I think we've got everything we need!

I spent the day fashioning some comfy mats to rest on. Imagine the sleepovers we could have in this bad boy! Staying up past 10 PM, pretending to be police officers and playing stakeout, playing charades, sharing secrets, it'll be great!

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Good news everyone! While I was banging some wood together I accidentally made fire! Let me tell ya, this is some weird bright stuff, but I think it may be useful! I bet you could see a fire for miles! In fact, if there were a big fire on top of our outpost, you could probably easily see it from the mouth of the tunnel!

This got me thinkin: what if we used this cool new stuff for long-range communication? Different kinds/patterns of fire could mean different things! I went ahead and made a list of signals that we could potentially send to home from our outpost. I'm open to feedback!

MeaningSignalAlphabetical code
Our outpost is on fire! We're on fire! Help! Aaaaaaaa!
Light the outpost on fire

I read some parts of Screws and You that were particularly topical to our current project and used my newfound screw expertise to put some screws in some of this here wood. Hopefully these fancy fastening techniques will make this outpost sturdy enough to last a lifetime!

I don't know much about building outposts.... I just put some wood wherever, I hope its ok!

Oof, that was a bit of a trek! I figured we might be out here for a bit while we're setting the outpost up, so I made sure to bring enough resources to hold us over until we're finished. I also figured it might be nice to have some reading to keep us entertained, so I checked out three books from the library: Screws and You: A Fascinating Guide to Modern Fastening, a somewhat boring technical listing of different types of screws with intricate descriptions and suggestions for usage; The Amorous Armor, a lengthy romantic novel about a woman falling in love with a valiant knight only to find out that the knight was in fact a spirit possessing a knight's armor; and Grgory Mayfild and th Alphabt Hist, a mystery novel following a detective who tries to recover the letter E after it's stolen from the alphabet.

I moistly moisten the mushrooms with moist moisture. This farm is looking just about finished!

The moist towelette who licked the runes may know things about the runes that us humans can't. I've been trying to get it to talk to me all day, but to no avail. It seems to be shy, so we need to make sure it feels comfortable! Use moist language! Relate to it by sharing stories about times you, too, were wet! Express your radical desires for a Damp State to overthrow the tunnel's current system of government! Be considerate of the towelette's feelings, though! It might be easily overwhelmed by us, so try to seem calm and accepting.

We have much to learn from this clammy creature, and it is of grave importance that we have it on our side in the upcoming Wet Revolution.

An HTML5 build would be great!

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I started planning the intricate systems that define the way the library's logistics could work. How late fees are handled, the proper technique with which our librarians should "shush" noisy readers, I even made a neat classification system for books that can help us organize the shelves! In honor of the new old flooded house project that I didn't get to finish, I opted to name this system with the delectably damp name "the Dewy Decimal System."

I needed a place to document this system in text, so I went ahead and wrote over one of the books I found laying around. I hope no one minds! It didn't seem too important; it only contained some strange drawings of outlandish-looking symbols. One page even had some particularly peculiar imagery of someone licking these dastardly eldritch glyphs! It was clear this book was complete nonsense and likely wouldn't be of any use to us in the future, so I didn't think anyone would miss it.

There is only one solution: we must flood the tunnel! Drown the library-in-progress! Fill the dry, dusty old cave with spectacularly damp water! We must quench our thirst by filling the esophagus that is our tunnel with squishy wet goodness! No longer will we accept the bleak, drab, disgusting not-wetness of our tunnel! We must overthrow the Tunnel Government and instate our own Damp State in its place! We must take back what is rightfully ours and finally have the soggy, slushy, slimy, soppy, water-logged righteousness that we desire!


Howdy, I'm Katie! I'm a programmer. I really like game development, but a lot of times I don't have enough time/motivation to really make much. I occasionally I'm really into fun funky networking. I also write music sometimes.

I figure the most important thing to have in a library is an arrangement of bean bag chairs. Without them, one has no place to relax as they engage in their studies! I looked as hard as I could to find polystyrene beads being produced at some kind of thermoplastic polymer processing factory inside the tunnel to use as the filling for the chairs, but alas, there didn't seem to be any. The next best thing was rocks, so I suppose they'll have to do. I gathered some moss I found growing in the tunnel to serve as the outer fabric containing the rocks and made four bean bag chairs. They're surprisingly comfortable! So comfortable, in fact, that I think I might just spend the rest of the day relaxing, slouching in my comfy rock moss chairs. You all are free to come take a load off too!

Is there any chance of a Linux build of the world viewer? I can run the Windows build through Wine well enough, but a native build would be much more convenient

With haste, I start carrying waterlogs to the picturesque flower field, making haste as I hastily place them to create the foundation for the new old flooded house.