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[HOME] building a new old house [needs 10 replies]

A topic by farfin created Oct 06, 2018 Views: 290 Replies: 9
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I propose we build a brand new old flooded house. With state of the art mouldy floorboards, pristine fallen off doors, contemporary peeling wallpaper and all the other fixings a modern soggy old house should have. I'll begin by flooding the picturesque flower field to prepare the work site. Happy building.

I wanna live in a flooded house. It's always been my dream to squelch squolch around on my way to the kitchen to get some soggy bread and hyperdiluted jam. It's picturesque.

I'll start cutting up the the waterlogs.

With haste, I start carrying waterlogs to the picturesque flower field, making haste as I hastily place them to create the foundation for the new old flooded house.

I'm looking forward to this big time. You know how it's the best to go out in the rain and jump into puddles, making a big splash? This'll be that, but every day and in our house. It's going to be absolutely excellent.

Forgot to make a post yesterday but here I am today, with a truckload of things from other abandoned flooded houses that really haven't been taken care of since they got totally flooded. Genuine shorted-out appliances, a real fallen-off door, thoroughly soaked carpeting.

I went to home depot and spent a while wandering the aisles. When nobody was looking, i damaged some merchandise and then brought it to check-out and asked for a discount. The manager was super nice and apologetic and gave me a really good price on a tarp with holes in it, some pipes that are really bent, and a sheet of thin plywood with the lyrics to "Imagine" written on it in dayglo paint. Also a really nice chandelier with dried gorilla glue all over it. I hope that stuff comes in handy. Happy to go back for more.

i start constructing glass windows, carefully making sure the glass fits perfectly into the frame, and then busting it in with some rocks. i collect the fragments just in case they could come in handy, or if nothing else, to make into some sort of art installation later.

While wearing floor destroying ice skates I walk from wall to wall painting a healthy layer of compost into the baseboards.

The house is looking pretty b... err, good! I'm bringing some of those junky old signs from the cleared debris as tasteful wall decor. "CAUTION: MOIST ROCKS" is my favorite, though the ones with rune symbols are cool too. I wasn't able to decipher what they said, but I documented the new symbols in a book in the library. Also, I cut my hand on one of the signs, but it's no big deal.