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"How to Strike up a Conversation with Anyone (or Anything)"

A confidence-building self-help book. The book repeatedly claims that, if you just believe in yourself, you can talk to anything. Yes, that's right - just start talking to something and you'll magically be able to understand it. I don't know how true that is, but it sure was inspirational!

I'm now finished with my studies, and recorded my knowledge here for you all. We should now be able to attempt to start conversations with other beings, as well as more effectively communicate with them.

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"English to Mushspeak Dictionary"

Apparently all the words and phrases used by the "Mush People" are mushroom puns...

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"Starting a Dialogue With Other Intelligent Species"

An interesting resource. It details the ways that we might communicate with other species that have a similar level of intelligence. To summarize, intelligent species like math, so we should show them our best map to make friends with them.

"The Pecking Order - Examining the Social Hierarchy of Chickens and Other Fowl Creatures"

I picked this book up on a whim. It was a fascinating read - it revealed all the details of chicken social interaction. Apparently, chickens respect physical size - the larger chickens are highest up in the hierarchy and get the first pick of food and mates. The smaller defers to the largest. And chickens of the same size fight it out for dominance.

So, chickens respect size and aggression, and they're pretty good fighters. I wonder if this could ever come in handy?

"Music - The Universal Instrument of Communication"

That's the title of a book I just finished reading. It says that even without a shared language, one can use music as a way to communicate emotion.  This is very interesting, considering that the moist towelette's hums are very musical and very emotional indeed. With such a heart-wrenching, sad melody, I can only imagine what the towelette has been through.

Conversation with the moist towelette isn't going anywhere. There has to be another method of getting it to understand us. I'm going to start looking through books on communication, linguistics, written languages, and more.

(only 5 replies because I'm studying in the library)

Cool, the new application works great! 

Btw, if you haven't tried it yet, check out Let's Encrypt - it's free and easy to set up HTTPS

I start making a proposition to the moist towelette.

"Hey there moist towelette. I thought how you licked those runes that one time was really cool. I think you're one of the moistest, towel-y beings around. So I was thinking, I've got a place just 1 unit of distance west of here. It's pretty nice, it's got a water bowl and everything. Plus it's floating in an empty void, with a rope tying it to this stake in the ground. Talk about a nice view! You want to uhh, live there maybe?"

The moist towelette makes a humming noise and does a twisting motion that I'm guessing means denial. 

If only I knew how to communicate more effectively with it.

Great puns everyone, keep it up! We can do it!

I don't know much about mushroom farming. What I do know is that everyone needs a little encouragement sometimes.

"Go, mushroom farmers, go! You can do it!"

Hopefully that motivates you guys to finish this mushroom farm quickly!

I use some stone to build a make-shift water bowl for our future creature. When filled, it will be good for drinking from (or living in, if it's an aquatic creature).

I sure hope we find a creature companion soon! I envision an egalitarian "doghouse" that accepts all species - big or small, dry or moist!

Whoa, dude! Did someone just have a psychedelic experience from licking some runes? I wanna lick some runes, too!

*Licks runes*

I don't feel any different. You sure this is supposed to work? Maybe I should try having some more.

*Lick* *lick* *lick* *lick* *lick* *lick* *lick*


Yeah, still nothing. I don't - uggggggggghhh!


i saw too many things, now my head hurts

A ferocious cat would be great too! We should make sure our "doghouse" can support any kind of animal.

I don't know what kind of crazy world we're in, or if there are even dogs here. But we'll need a loyal animal companion by our side. If we ever encounter a friendly creature, we'll have this home ready for it.

This grassy area to the west of our home looks like a nice place to put it. I'm starting construction!