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[HOME, HOME underground] Build stairs and ramps [needs 10 replies]

A topic by Zetsaika created Oct 16, 2018 Views: 273 Replies: 10
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As of now it is pretty easy to get underground and out, but i think we should make some stairs. Also some ramps. Not only those will make people's lives easier, but it will also help moving things to and fro.

Call me Stairs and Ramps Scar!

C'mon let's ramp it up!

Let's let's go go.

I brought my drill - you'll be needing some holes, right?

Holes are always good.

i dig in the hole

While carving out some stairs, I uncover an unexplored tunnel leading east.

I reinforce the stairs over this new tunnel and put a small light marking the entrance to it.

Things are coming up nicely! Whoever had the idea to make mushroom cement, good job!

Upon inspection, all stairs and ramps are complete and sturdy. And the new tunnel is clearly marked and ready to be investigated. Solid work Tunnel Kingdom construction crew!