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A lot of comments (from a month ago...) have this assumption that's wrecking things here is that "you can determine the passcode, and that there are no redundant questions" is recursive/contributes to itself - but, in fact, it is NOT one of the hints! The hint answers depend on this rule but, when you have the hints with answers, do NOT consider this rule for determining the code itself from the hints.

I kept exiting and entering the panel in the middle of entering the code and apparently that breaks it, whoops!

And I didn't notice the keys were changing because almost all of them were degrading for me :P

OOOOOOOOOOH, I get what I did wrong. So I would always click ALL of the keys on level 1 for fun and didn't realise that it carries over to other levels. So 80% of the keys were immediately red on level 3 for me, oops.

The challenge was more in learning about interactions but I liked it!

I don't get it.

Same for undo.

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I last played just before ghosts were added, I think? I love all the new monsters.

I'd love to turn off the timer but it's fine.

Not showing what your current in-progress string does is definitely weird - I mostly just Enter'ed after each letter and rewrote the whole string again and again. Would be arduous for whomever has a slower typing speed, so seeing it immediately change (like Pheonix suggested) would be great. In fact, Enter doesn't really serve any purpose in this demo, it could just auto-enter after each change in the string.

Overall, I liked the demo but felt like it was even slightly too drawn out so I doubt more puzzles would do it any good - but more letters is cool and I really liked the finale! Final runes used: 84.

Oh, I thought 🔁 was for some kind of restart or reroll system and that looked like a number related to that.

What about a diagonal path from a castle? Can you introduce obstacles to make the path longer (with more turns?)

I'm confused how castles work and what "on route to nearest" means. My castle got 0 points, even though there are two plains between it and a town (what happens if the path is 2D and not 1D?)

Oh, and I completely botched the daily because I was expecting to fill like 90% of the board with symbols :D It should say you only get 11.

Random Shuffle:  24pts








It took me unbelievably long to notice it's RPS, ABCD and ABCDE.

I do think the second one is harder than the third.

Got to C and so far, this reminds me a lot more of Nurikabe and a few other shading puzzles, than Picross. I associate Picross with numbers, mainly.

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I don't understand. When in platform 3, why can I only move myself using the middle block but not the side blocks? Why is platform 1 different and can be moved using side blocks but only the right-most ones while standing in the middle?

Actually, in the past, a lot of games only got known from their sequels. I don't think many people cared why it was Team Fortress 2, nor looked at what came before it (which is Team Fortress Classic).

I don't think the naming matters much, though, whatever works :)

Call me Stairs and Ramps Scar!

When you gaze into the puddle, the puddle ... actually, it reflects the rising sun and is awe-inspiring!

I'd rather wither amidst runes in tunnels than live with people that speak in tiny pictures instead of letters (besides, I can't even see half of them, they're just rectangles!)

Well, it already looks great in here, I'll just sweep the floor from all the dust and dirt.

Hey, did any of you make these very slight engravings on the ground?

Groundislava - The Dig 

^also, that album art is totally how we are making this work, I love it!

I'd love to try for myself but it looks like a huge craftaton and, perhaps, even a wiki game, if you want to feel like you've accomplished something. But it's totally fun to watch others do it.

I'm doin' some work! dig dig dig

This is exactly why I'm excited about the game Sub Rosa, which is worked on at the moment. Sub Rosa is a multiplayer first-person shooter about tense deals, double-crosses, and the occasional high-speed car chase. (that's the steam description, it's out on early access but I haven't played it yet) Basically, there are a couple of for-profit brute corps getting missions that are mostly about trading with other corps. The trades are great, both corps benefit from it but... Hey, we have guns, right? What if we could just eliminate the other corp's team to keep BOTH of the trade items? Profit! This very concept makes it so you are always insecure about anything and everything, even third party corps that might want to intercept you. The developer was also really inspired by movies like The Driver, about a freelancer offering fast trips to and out of the action, serving to no particular corporation. Well, I think you can see that the potential for stories is there. In reality, though, players don't really take the game too seriously and it's just a playground for any kind of role playing, especially fitting the 80s-90s vibes; AI/NPC presence is rather minimal, somebody has to have the creativity to keep the game interesting after a while. The format is super simple: servers with up to 5 corps, aimed at small groups of people in each corp, the town is rather small and the game restarts to zero after some time.

Now that I probably got you interested, I'm just waiting here for the release, which is probably a long way further...

Right now, I am playing mostly these games on online multiplayer, alone: Absolver, Team Fortress 2 and occasionally Battlerite. I've also played a bunch of various games with friends (though this has significantly dropped in frequency over the past month to nearly zero), the most notable being Civilization V, Overcooked 2 and Sethbling's Building Game (a Minecraft custom map), all of which I wish to play more (but civilization is the least exciting).

Damn, I'd love to try out Rainbow Six: Siege but my PC can't run it, it would be a bit too big of a commitment to play competitively, none of my friends are truly interested even though we used to play counter strike a lot and I have heard that the game revolves a lot about map knowledge, which I absolutely hate. Still, I guess I wish to try it out...

From Autumn to Spring I co-host a monthly public board game event and am very excited to start it yet again this year but I really really miss it during the Summer (simply not enough retention during summer to properly host it). I've tried board game arena and tabletop simulator but it has always felt wrong to play the games digitally. Still, I'm open to those because I still love board games and have tabletop simulator available.

Yeah, whatever you are changing, the only differences I see are that the recent post/reply list at the bottom keeps disappearing and reappearing and the entry page buttons changed a little bit.

Came to say hi! I'm That Scar, I mess around with puzzlescript but am interested in trying out just about any kind of game. I really like party and social board games but haven't done any of that in a good while and hope to find new opportunities here.

And I did find it! It's actually a lot less pretty but also a lot more interesting than I remember! Some screenshots, where tracers show recent path (too lazy for a video/gif)

>Don't try to escape.

>Don't try to escape.

>Don't try to escape.

Level False

This is so extremely similar to what I've made in Algodoo like 5 years ago! The big difference is that it had tracers on everything (showing the recent path took by that particle). I don't think many things repelled each other, actually but I remember I had: reds that like to couple up in slow clusters, probably repelled most other things, smaller blues in faster spinning clusters, really fast greens, which tried to catch a blue and that made it look like a fast cyan swirl, tiny ludicrous speed yellows that bounced around everywhere and, last but not least, one big "black hole" that had massive attraction, somehow things didn't really stick to it but rather spun around it, especially the little yellow ones and that looked really cool (I suspect the yellows were actually hitting everything else near the surface and that's why nothing got stuck). It was much much more active than Everybody but each particle was fixed size and didn't wobble, only spun, so it looked less organic than Everybody.

I hope I find my project somewhere.