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Reclaiming "social games"

games about the humans who play them · By droqen

[3N, 2E] The Holy Dig of the Glorious Hole Locked

A topic by droqen created Oct 04, 2018 Views: 227 Replies: 9
This topic was locked by droqen Oct 06, 2018

The project is complete.

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I'm digging a hole. Sorry, I don't remember the glory of the original post :<

This is just a test project anyway.

I'm doin' some work! dig dig dig

Hi, ThatScar! we're diggin' together. dig dig dig dig dig!

'Ello, fellow diggers. What a nice day to pay our respects to the hole! *diiiiiiiig* *dig dig dig* *diii               g*

I hope it doesn't start to rain before we're finished digging this hole!

I reckon I dig.

I dig this hole we're digging.


(1 edit)

just a test. does this kind of branched reply count towards 'total replies' in the thread?

edit: yes it does. i dig. only 1 more post to 10 digs!

Groundislava - The Dig 

^also, that album art is totally how we are making this work, I love it!

locked this topic