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Reclaiming "social games"

games about the humans who play them · By droqen

Multiplayer games!

A topic by dualryan created Oct 04, 2018 Views: 83 Replies: 3
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What kinds of multiplayer games are you playing now?

I'm personally playing Splatoon 2, and sometimes Rainbow Six: Siege. 

Been playing some games in Tabletop Simulator. Great way to long-distance-play board games with friends.

Really liking the scripting possibilities also.

I have a regular tabletop rpg group that meets weekly over video chat. Right now we’re playing an unreleased Meguey and Vincent Baker game called Under Hollow Hills, about playing fairies in a fairy circus. 

I also play a fair amount of Overwatch with a friend of mine entirely as a convenient thing to do with our hands as we talk about other things. Somehow out best creative ideas always happen this way.

Right now, I am playing mostly these games on online multiplayer, alone: Absolver, Team Fortress 2 and occasionally Battlerite. I've also played a bunch of various games with friends (though this has significantly dropped in frequency over the past month to nearly zero), the most notable being Civilization V, Overcooked 2 and Sethbling's Building Game (a Minecraft custom map), all of which I wish to play more (but civilization is the least exciting).

Damn, I'd love to try out Rainbow Six: Siege but my PC can't run it, it would be a bit too big of a commitment to play competitively, none of my friends are truly interested even though we used to play counter strike a lot and I have heard that the game revolves a lot about map knowledge, which I absolutely hate. Still, I guess I wish to try it out...

From Autumn to Spring I co-host a monthly public board game event and am very excited to start it yet again this year but I really really miss it during the Summer (simply not enough retention during summer to properly host it). I've tried board game arena and tabletop simulator but it has always felt wrong to play the games digitally. Still, I'm open to those because I still love board games and have tabletop simulator available.